Stewarts Coffee | Colombia

Stewarts Coffee | Colombia

Stewarts Coffee | Colombia

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Notes of: Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Raisons

Origin: Colombia, Hamlets of La Cumbre, Montalvo to Bilboa

Variety: Caturra, Typica, Bourbon and Colombia F8

Altitude: 1600m-2000m

Process: Washed

Roast Level: Medium

The roaster: 

Their story starts with Nottingham coffee visionary Stewart Falconer, hand roasting coffee in the 80’s, before the word “artisan” even existed. After a few cups of the good stuff during his travels abroad, he made it his mission to make quality coffee the norm, not the exception. They’re proud to carry on his tradition, and the original roaster he bought for the job all those years ago is still a part of the furniture today.

The farmers:

This Colombian Single Origin Coffee is part of a community development program which is centralised around the various Planadas hamlets of Southern Colombia. The Planadas area represents 86 producing hamlets, consisting of 6821 small farms, all ranging from 5 to 6 hectares. Thanks to investment by the programme, the area is becoming renowned for producing some of Colombia’s finest Specialty Micro-lot coffees.

The project initiative is to develop a stable environment through traceability and sustainably grown coffee. They emphasise social development through the sharing of profits within the community. The operation ensures that ethical principals, sustainability and quality control become the cornerstone of the local community. These teachings will be passed down for generations. Enabling the coffee industry to flourish while generating economic revenue, and social advancement for years to come. 

We have been supporting this program for some time now. You may well have ordered some of the monthly Colombian special single origins we’ve had in the past, our Planadas Colombian differs as this coffee is sourced from a collection of farmers. These farmers work across a number of small holdings in the Planadas area, that aren’t yet big enough to produce their own exports. The result is an excellent example of great Single Origin Colombian Coffee, with the gorgeous deep flavours of dark chocolate, and smooth caramel.


Coffee available in: Whole bean, Ground Medium (AeroPress / V60 / Chemex), Fine (espresso / moka pot), Ground Coarse (French Press / cafetière)

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Whole Bean - If you have your own grinder or a bean to cup machine this is for you.

Ground Cafetiere - Do you use the classic French Press / Cafetiere? This is pre ground ready for you.

Medium Ground - Perfect for Pour Over / Filter coffee. Chemex, V60 this is you.

Fine Ground - Best for Espresso Machines or Moka PotsAll coffee is high quality 100% Arabica specialty, 84+ SCA scored, and is freshly roasted to order.



Really enjoyed using Rise the last few years - bi-monthly boxes perfect for me and you get to try lots of different coffees. Many were an eye opener for me, so much variety in flavours. Highly recommended!


Been getting my rise coffee subscription for nearly a year and loved the new coffee every month! Never had a bad one, they are delicious and better than any supermarket!


Such a wonderful concept! I love Rise coffee, since I started ordering their coffee I stopped adding milk to my coffee as the coffee tastes so good the milk just overshadows the taste. They are quick to get back to you and are really friendly :) I definitely recommend if you'd like to get some good quality coffee delivered at your doorstep.


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