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We blind taste and handpick your coffee

We blind taste and handpick the highest quality coffee from 100’s of independent UK coffee roasters. All roasters must pass our ethics checklist. We only include the most delicious and sustainable coffee.



You select the coffee box and frequency that best suits your caffeine habits and tastes (or give as a gift subscription!). All coffee is specialty medium roast suitable for espresso and filter. Pause or cancel anytime. But you won’t want too!


You unbox and we give back

We deliver freshly roasted coffee to your door in a fun, informative plastic free, recyclable box. Time to put the kettle on, sit back and read about the story behind your coffee, while it brews. Oh, and we then give back 1% of all sales!


Have fun drinking a variety of specialty coffee

Made for the caffeine-obsessed, RISE Coffee Box is a monthly subscription box that will make sure you don’t lose that coffee-induced buzz any time soon. Each month we blind taste and select coffee from the very best coffee roasters, to showcase the highest quality specialty coffee we can find. With stories of our roasting partners and farmers, tasting notes and recipes, you’ll have something interesting to read while it brews. 

With a RISE coffee box subscription:

You’re in control of your brew type, quantity and frequency.

You can experience new coffee every 30 days. We feature two independent roasters every month. We split these accordingly, depending on how many bags you order.

We pick only the best beans from independent roasters all around the UK.

You get complete flexibility, and you can pause, delay or cancel your box anytime.

5,000 customers have enjoyed rise



Really enjoyed using Rise the last few years - bi-monthly boxes perfect for me and you get to try lots of different coffees. Many were an eye opener for me, so much variety in flavours. Highly recommended!

RISE coffee box members


A coffee subscription that offered a variety of indi speciality roasters each month, and there just weren’t any at the time. RiSE certainly deliver. Phenomenal coffees, brilliant service and I love the surprise treats in each box. It’s like opening Christmas each month. Best subscription I’ve ever ordered!

RISE coffee box member


I’ve tried various online coffee subscriptions with several companies with varying degrees of success over the past few years, when i came across Rise Coffee Box online. Their customer service so far has been excellent as has the quality of the coffee beans, so I would happily recommend this company.

RISE coffee box member

But, who are Alice and Ben?

Our Promise

Hey! We are Ben and Alice. Far from experts, connoisseurs or single-origin snobs, we're just a couple of coffee lovers who love trying new things. One of our favourite things to do is discover and taste new varieties of coffee. Especially from up-and-coming roasters with a good story to tell. So we've created RiSE to take you on our coffee adventure. We've partnered with some of the most exciting roasters across the UK to showcase and deliver the best coffee you can find.


Frequently asked questions

We work closely with our roasting partners to ensure the coffee reaches you as quickly as possible after its roasting date. This is usually within 3-4 days, so we can guarantee it will smell and taste great. Specialty coffee should be left to settle for 6-10 days before drinking.

100%! A RISE coffee box subscription is completely flexible. Your coffee will be delivered on your chosen schedule. Simply create an account at checkout and you can login anytime to pause, delay orders, skip your next order, update any details or cancel your order.

Whatever you like! You can order whole bean coffee or ground coffee from us. We recommend ordering whole beans as this maintains the freshness of the beans and flavour. If you don’t have a grinder, select ‘ground’ and we’ll send it ready for you to use in your cafetiere or plunger. Check out our blog post on which option is best to order for you.

At RISE coffee, we reinvest 1% of all sales across all products and subscriptions. The 1% is of sales revenue and not just profit.

We have partnered with an organisation in Uganda called Agri Evolve who had a 'special projects coordinator' who receives the funds and helps RISE to reinvest them back in to the farming community.

Every three months! We send the money across to Agri Evolve to then work with us on where it would best be used. Whether this be directly for school fees, books, stationary or other

Coffee Subscription UK

Thousands of coffee lovers like you are looking for a coffee subscription in the UK, but finding one you enjoy can be hard.

At RISE we have made coffee fun. Enjoy a variety of independent coffee, tasty freebies and read our RISE booklet each month in our coffee subscription service thats rated Excellent on TrustPilot (4.9*) and voted the Number 1 coffee subscription by The Independent.

Finding the perfect coffee subscription in the London or across the UK is hard work but you can view our guides here to find some of the best coffee.