Free Trial of RISE coffee box
Free Trial of RISE coffee box
Free Trial of RISE coffee box

Free Trial of RISE coffee box

Free Trial of RISE coffee box

Get your free 200g taster size box (≈ 14 cups) of our hand picked, specialty coffee which will be discounted to £0 at checkout. Converts to 2 x 250g box (£24 with free delivery) after 30 days. Rated 4.9, Excellent on TrustPilot ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • 🏠 One per household. New customers only. Please only take a free trial if you're genuinely interested in trying specialty indy coffee, we are just a small family business🙏

You will only need to pay £3.48 towards delivery to create your plan. You then have 30 days to decide if you wish to continue drinking a variety of Indy coffee before your plan continues onto our 2 x 250g RISE coffee box at the full price. The RISE coffee subscription is fully flexible.

Rendering loop-subscriptions
£0.00 each
Purchase Options
Selling Plans
 Every 4 Weeks (1-2 cups a day)
 Every 4 Weeks (1-2 cups a day)

Free 48 hour tracked shipping on ongoing orders - always!

Your FREE TRIAL taster size coffee box includes:

2 x 100g of freshly roasted specialty coffee 
Key facts on the roasters, beans and farmers 
Tasting notes and brew tips
Tasty freebies in every box
Eco friendly, sustainably sourced and recyclable box
Plus we give back 1% of sales to farming communities 

You will only need to pay £3.48 towards delivery to create your plan. You then have 30 days to decide if you wish to continue drinking a variety of Indy coffee before your plan continues onto our 2 x 250g RISE coffee box at the full price of £24. Your RISE coffee subscription is fully flexible and you can pause, delay or cancel anytime!

We want to enhance your coffee experience, one subscription box at a time. 

With a RISE coffee box subscription:

  • You’re in control of your brew type, quantity and frequency.
  • You can experience new coffee every 30 days. We feature two independent roasters every month. We split these accordingly, depending on how many bags you order.
  • Each bag is 227-250g.
  • Coffee is generally medium to medium - dark roasted (plus an occasional lighter coffee)
  • We pick only the best beans from independent roasters all around the UK.
  • You get complete flexibility, and you can pause, delay or cancel your box anytime.

Not sure how many bags to order? Just decide how many cups you want to enjoy per day and use our simple guide: 

  • 1 cup a day? Order 2 bags a month
  • 2 cups a day? Order 4 bags a month or 2 bags a fortnight
  • 3 cups a day? Order 2 bags fortnightly
  • 4 cups a day? Order 4 bags fortnightly

Need something different? Log in to your account to change the frequency or size of your order at any time. You can also pause, skip or cancel your subscription. 

What are the benefits of joining RISE?

  • Reward points on every order, which can be exchanged for discounts
  • Special rates on our house coffee, gifts and new products
  • Exclusive invitations to our ‘Meet the Roaster’ and ‘Cupping Events’
  • The chance to join our taste test panel
  • Free delivery on all ongoing orders
  • Free 48-hour tracked delivery
  • All orders are shipped within 1 to 2 days and should be at your door within 3-5 working days

Our plastic-free packaging is made exclusively from recyclable materials. We care about the planet, and we only work with roasters who share the same ethos.

At RISE, our legacy is built on trust. We’re transparent, honest and compassionate. We respect the world (and everyone in it.)

We give 1% of all RISE sales to our Friendly Coffee Fund, which supports coffee-growing communities in Uganda and helps pay for children to attend school. 

Wondering which grind you should order? Let us help.

  • Whole Bean - Great if you have your own grinder or a bean-to-cup machine.
  • Ground Cafetiere - This is pre-ground and ready to go. Ideal for classic French presses or cafetieres.
  • Medium Ground - Perfect for pour over and filter coffee. Think: Chemex and V60 designs.
  • Fine Ground - Best for espresso machines or moka pots.

Whatever grind you choose, rest assured all of our coffee is of the highest quality, 100% Arabica specialty. It’s 84+ SCA scored, and is freshly roasted to order. 




I have followed these guys from day one, since I was looking for a coffee subscription that offered a variety of indi speciality roasters each month, and there just weren’t any at the time. RiSE certainly deliver. Phenomenal coffees, brilliant service and I love the surprise treats in each box. It’s like opening Christmas each month. Best subscription I’ve ever ordered!

RISE coffee box member


So incredibly refreshing to deal with a company where the founders are so involved. I’m a proper coffee snob and have received some seriously quality beans. They’re always very fresh / recently roasted.

Can’t recommend RISE enough.

RISE coffee box member


Amazing product and company! Love the diversity and quality of the coffee - and the extra treat is always a bonus! Have since bought single boxes as gifts for family and friends!

RISE coffee box member


I love getting my coffee box from Rise. It is exciting to discover what new coffees we have to try in each box - I love reading the story behind the roasters. Plus each box has a personalised note & everytime there is a new surprise from chocolate covered beans, protein balls or Tony's choc bar.

RISE coffee box member


Great choice of coffee on a monthly basis. Always arrives timely. I like the stories of the various coffees provided.

RISE coffee box member



We blind taste and handpick the highest quality coffee from 100’s of independent UK coffee roasters, with only the most responsibly sourced and sustainable coffee making it into the box.


You select the coffee box and frequency that best suits your caffeine habits and tastes (or give as a gift subscription!). Pause or cancel anytime. But you won’t want too!


We deliver freshly roasted coffee to your door in a plastic free, recyclable box. Time to put the kettle on, sit back and read about the story behind your coffee, while it brews.

Our ‘friendly’ coffee makes a difference



100%! A RISE coffee box subscription is completely flexible. Simply create an account at checkout and you can login anytime to pause, delay orders, skip your next order, update any details or cancel your order. You are in full control.

The short answer is YES! We work closely with our roasting partners to ensure the coffee reaches you as quickly as possible after its roasting date. This is usually within 3-4 days, so we can guarantee it will smell and taste great. Specialty coffee should be left to settle for 6-10 days before drinking.

Each month we feature two new coffees from two different roasters. We really try to ensure that we take you on a journey of discovery with different origins that are in season with interesting and exciting flavour notes. The coffees are generally medium to medium dark roasted and bold, balanced, smooth. We try to include a variety of tasting notes for you to enjoy. See our previous partners here. All coffee is exceptionally high quality and tastes tested by RISE (we have regular cupping sessions, a head roaster who gives his approval, a taste test panel of subscribers and Ben and Alice give the final go ahead!)

All coffees are great for filter or espresso (omni roasted) and work in your V60, cafetiere, chemex, espresso machine and more!

Every month we feature two different coffees from two different roasters. The coffee is usually a mix of medium to medium dark coffee and suitable for espresso based drinks as well as filter. All coffee is 'omni roasted' which means it has been roasted to suit both methods. Ben is a filter coffee drinker and Alice is an espresso drinker, so we both give our approval that it works before it goes into the RISE box!

Your coffee will come in its original packaging from our coffee partners. At RISE coffee box we are all about showcasing our roasting partners, their stories and the beans they roast. This also means we don’t re-bag the coffee, keeping it fresh and allowing us to be more sustainable with our packaging. Our RISE box is made from reused materials and is recyclable.

We aim for all deliveries to be received within 3-5 working days however we generally ship same day or next with a 48 hour courier. This can be slightly longer around busy festive seasons or bank holidays.

Whatever you like! You can order whole bean coffee or ground coffee from us. We recommend ordering whole beans as this maintains the freshness of the beans and flavour. If you don’t have a grinder, select ‘ground’ and we’ll send it ready for you to use in your cafetiere or plunger. Check out our blog post on which option is best to order for you.

Alice and Ben have set up the Friendly Coffee Fund to give back 1% of all sales to help eradicate child labour in coffee farming communities. Our first project is in Uganda where so far we have enrolled children in nearly 3000 days of school!