Garage Coffee | Uganda & Mexico

Garage Coffee | Uganda & Mexico

Garage Coffee | Uganda & Mexico

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Coffee name: Maypole

Hints of: Dark chocolate, Hazelnuts and Orange.

Grown in: Uganda & Mexico

Process: Washed

Roaster's Notes: This finely balanced blend makes for an espresso with notes of milk and dark chocolate, hazelnuts and orange with a very creamy mouthfeel

The farmers:

Finca Guadalupe Zaju, Mexico:

Beautiful Finca Guadalupe Zaju occupies 310 hectares right on Chiapas, Mexico’s famed ‘Ruta de Cafe’. This ‘Route of Coffee’ rides along the Guatemalan border, north from the border town of Tapachula, through Mexico’s famed Soconusco region. The route flows past some of Mexico’s most famous farms – including the Fincas Hamburgo and Irlanda. A neighbour of these farms, Guadelupe Zaju is well on its way to helping carry on the region’s (somewhat diminished in recent years) reputation as a location for high quality coffee.

Midnight Flyer, Uganda:

Midnight flyer is brought to us by Omwani coffee and Agri Evolve, and their longstanding efforts to support and uplift the Ugandan coffee market. 
Staring in 2016 Agri Evolve originally opened as a collection point for both Dried Ugandan Arabica (DRUGAR) and cherries. Typically drying cherries on tarpaulin in the sun. Sourcing this DRUGAR was considerably easier in the beginning than trying to purchase ripe cherries, it turns out old habits do die hard!

Following investment in processing equipment, demonstration farms and hiring experienced staff. The second-year harvest was a drastic improvement in terms of sourcing unprocessed ripe cherries.

After this first season, processing facilities improved considerably and new equipment introduced, including; a washer separator, mechanical dryers, Hulling machine and green-houses - all introduced to the station.

The interest in Agri Evolve grew amongst the farming community as they were seen as a stable, reliable place to sell coffee, consistently paying good prices and always paid on time, which - as basic as it is - made a huge difference for farmers.

By the end of the second season Agri Evolve was given some outstanding reviews from a Japanese importer who thought the African Moon coffee was fantastic and "full of potential", which in turn kickstarted the interest in sourcing and processing high-quality Rwenzori Coffee.

Over the course of the next 5-years Agri Evolve rapidly expanded to become the largest employer in the Kisinga Region bringing new economic stability and job opportunities to the community. This growth was driven by an ever-increasing reputation for high-quality coffee from the Rwenzori Mountains.

With a focus on staff empowerment and education, Jonny managed to build the team to over 50 skilled individuals sourcing and processing coffee from thousands of farmers across the Rwenzori mountains. The focus in recent years has shifted to building a new station in Bugoye.

Introducing Buying Centres in strategic locations across the Rwenzori has been one of the catalysts for growth. Creating a constant physical presence encourages farmers that Agri Evolve is going to be there come the harvest, The convenient locations for farmers also drastically reduce the effort required to travel to market.

 Coffee available in: Whole bean, Ground Medium (AeroPress / V60 / Chemex), Fine (espresso / moka pot), Ground Coarse (French Press / cafetière)

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Whole Bean - If you have your own grinder or a bean to cup machine this is for you.

Ground Cafetiere - Do you use the classic French Press / Cafetiere? This is pre ground ready for you.

Medium Ground - Perfect for Pour Over / Filter coffee. Chemex, V60 this is you.

Fine Ground - Best for Espresso Machines or Moka PotsAll coffee is high quality 100% Arabica specialty, 84+ SCA scored, and is freshly roasted to order.



Really enjoyed using Rise the last few years - bi-monthly boxes perfect for me and you get to try lots of different coffees. Many were an eye opener for me, so much variety in flavours. Highly recommended!


Been getting my rise coffee subscription for nearly a year and loved the new coffee every month! Never had a bad one, they are delicious and better than any supermarket!


Such a wonderful concept! I love Rise coffee, since I started ordering their coffee I stopped adding milk to my coffee as the coffee tastes so good the milk just overshadows the taste. They are quick to get back to you and are really friendly :) I definitely recommend if you'd like to get some good quality coffee delivered at your doorstep.


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