The Roasting Shed

The Roasters: 

A speciality coffee roastery based in Hackney Wick, East London. Since the day they started, back in their garden shed, the philosophy has remained the same: uncompromising quality of product and service. Their speciality coffee beans are roasted in small batches to ensure their unique flavours are highlighted and enhanced. The beans are fully traceable and sourced through a responsibly-minded transparent supply chain. Their mission is to cultivate meaningful relationships with growers and co-operatives, who are committed to respecting the environment and people. As artisan roasters they strive to bring out the perfect balance of flavours within a single origin coffee, so that each note can be found in your cup.

Coffee name: 

We previously featured La Colina, but we're now loving La Leona

The Coffee:

This coffee was grown by Luz Helena Salazar at the farm La Leona in the rolling foothills of the Andes in Quindio, Colombia. Luz Helena has been growing coffee for over 30 years, and is a lifelong advocate for Colombian grown coffee. She is recognised as an extremely talented farmer and as a strong, resourceful leader. She has a particular talent for managing people, and a wealth of agricultural knowledge. This coffee is harvested following strict ripeness criteria, floated and hand-sorted to remove any defects. Cherries are then exposed to 30 hours of underwater fermentation before being pulped. The parchment is then gently washed and dried in temperature controlled conditions until the ideal moisture content is achieved.

This micro-lot is 100% Tabi. This is a new variety developed in Colombia by “Federacion Nacional de Cafeteros”. A unique variety which is a cross between, Timor Hybrid, Bourbon and Typica. 

Luz Helena is married to Jairo Arcila whose coffee we have already showcased and enjoyed. We are very happy to be working with Colombian farmers who really take pride in their business and push the boundaries of coffee production.

La Leona is a delicious coffee, we have nutty praline, caramel and blueberry - a smooth and tangy coffee! Perfect any time of day!




1950 - 2000 masl



Tasting Notes:

Caramel, Blueberry and Praline

Why we like it: 

A colombian micro lot coffee that supports a female producer, perfect.