Small Batch Coffee Roasters

The Roasters:

Small Batch Coffee was founded in 2006 with the first coffee shop in Goldstone Villas in Hove. Today, they operate two cafés, along with a coffee cart and supply plenty more independent coffee shops all over the UK. Their award-winning roastery is located in Portslade, it’s the heart of the brand and where our ethically and sustainably sourced speciality coffee is roasted in small batches. In 2022, Small Batch were proud to be awarded Coffee Roaster of the Year in LuxLIFE's Food & Drink Awards and Best Specialty Coffee Roaster - Runner-Up in Allegra’s European Coffee Awards.

Coffee name:


The Coffee: 

This washed coffee was grown by the Twongerekawa Coko co-operative in the Gakenke district in Rwanda. The co-op works with over 1,200 local smallholder farmers, each with an average plot of 1.3 hectares in size. Grown in rich volcanic soils, plentiful sunshine, and tropical rainfall all provide exceptional conditions for the cultivation of arabica beans (the only bean for speciality coffee!). The Bourbon variety of tree grows exceptionally well in this part of Rwanda's high altitude mountains.







Tasting Notes: 

Black Tea, Chocolate & Grape

Why we like it:

Small Batch are a Brighton favourite who have just launched a funky new rebrand! This coffee is a typical Rwandan coffee grown at high altitude with complex tea notes.