Sanctuary Coffee

The Roasters:

We are big animal lovers at RiSE and are thrilled to finally be partnering with this worthy charity who donate £1 from every bag sold to animal sanctuaries and rescues across the UK. They've worked out that by selling just 50 kilos of coffee each day, they can raise enough money to cut the average rescue centres essential bills in half each month. All of their coffee is sourced directly too, and packaged in paper bags - making them the ideal partner for RiSE.

Coffee name:

Fifty Three

The Coffee:

The Beloya washing station lies in the Kochere District; just north of Chelelektu, and 45km from Dilla, the administrative centre of the Gedeo Zone. The washing station itself has two processing units to ensure a timely washing and drying of the cherry, using water from the local river system.





Tasting Notes:

Elderflower, Orange Blossom and Rose

Why we like it:

Not only is the coffee delicious, £1 per bag is donated to animal sanctuaries around the UK!

Sanctuary Coffee | Guatemala

Sanctuary Coffee | Guatemala

Sanctuary Coffee | Guatemala

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Coffee name: Session Brew

Hints of: Honey, citrus, caramel

Grown in: Guatemala

Process: Washed

Roast Level: Medium

The roaster:

It’s February 2019. Cofounders Marcus and Rhian have just moved into their first flat in London and can finally adopt a rescue greyhound. AKA the couch potato, AKA the perfect city companion. Each weekend the pair set off to volunteer with the greyhounds and help walk just a handful of the 80 rescues on site. Weekend after weekend, walk after walk, greyhound after greyhound.

Until one weekend. Dionne (then Gail) had just landed at the shelter after nearly three years of racing and she was due her first walk. Dionne bounds out of the kennels like a bundle of pure joy heading straight over to Marcus and Rhian. Their hearts were set and the ‘trial’ overnight stay became Dionne’s forever home.

During their volunteering, Marcus and Rhian learnt a heap about rescues, volunteers and the hard graft and sacrifice to keep a shelter running. Almost zero rescues in the UK receive government funding leaving over three million rescued, abandoned and abused animals relying on donations to survive.

Knowing that their personal donations wouldn’t be enough to make much of impact, Marcus and Rhian got to work on Sanctuary Coffee. A way to make the UK’s favourite morning kick-starter fund rescues.

The coffee:

Meeting farmers and establishing relationships creates something very powerful for coffee trade. Sanctuary first started talking with Sebastian in January this year. A friend of Sanctiary and Guatemalan native, Anne, headed home for Christmas in 2021 and on her return, she brought a heap of coffee samples from friends and relatives all over Guatemala.

Session Brew was grown on La Comunidad, one of many farms owned by the Falla family. Sebastian is a 5th generation farmer and his family’s company spans over 100 years.

Like so many young producers, Sebastian is a data-driven, modern farmer. Each lot is systematically cared for to ensure timely development of fruits in preparation for a punctual harvest. His fanatic attention to detail is the driving force behind the coffee’s fantastic flavour.

Coffee available in: Whole bean, Ground Medium (AeroPress / V60 / Chemex), Fine (espresso / moka pot), Ground Coarse (French Press / cafetière)

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