Redemption Roasters

The Roasters: 

Our very first coffee partner, Redemption Roasters is the world's first prison-based coffee company. Existing to 'reduce reoffending
through coffee', Redemption runs barista academies in three prisons alongside a community coffee school training people to help support their future employment. All of Redemption’s coffee is roasted at their roastery inside HMP The Mount, proving the company ethos that ‘exceptional coffee can come from people and places you wouldn’t expect’. They also have some awesome coffee shops that are fast growing across the country, worth checking out. Our favourite is the Redemption Coffee Kiosk by our office in Liverpool Street, where you can pick up a tasty batch filter midweek! 

Coffee name:

The Yard

The Coffee: 

This coffee is an espresso blend made up of three parts.

The base is a Mexican washed coffee produced by 150 indigenous smallholder producers. Working with farms overlooking the 1000-year-old Zapotec ruin, a real sense of magic is gained in the growing of these beans, with such historical and rich surroundings. 

Working with Patricia Coleho in Brazil, Redemption have sourced beans from her higher altitude farm for the second year. In an industry where women provide 70% of production labour, but own fewer than 30% of coffee farms worldwide, Patricia is the anomaly. 

The top origin is Ethiopia. Part sourced from the Bulessa Washing Station in Ethiopia, this coffee is grown at a higher altitude, and farmed by predominantly female farmers in the local area. Through the station, female farmers, along with other members of the community have also been able to access educational and agricultural workshops, along with healthcare.


Mexico, Brazil, Ethiopia



Tasting notes: 

Red Apple, Caramel 

Why we like it:

We love the fact that every time we drink this coffee we are supporting disadvantaged people. Best enjoyed black.