Press Coffee & Co

The Roasters: 

As part of the growing London speciality coffee scene since 2013, Press Coffee & Co has been dedicated to offering high quality coffees, ethically sourced and sustainably processed. Alice & Ben first met Any right back at the beginning of the Rise journey, when Owner & Founder Andy first invited them to the roastery for a look around. Since then we've become great friends with Andy and often go to him for advice about anything coffee related. The coffee at Press is 'bangin' (one of Andy's favourite words) and we love how they are always experimenting with their sourcing and roasting. They also use electric vans to deliver their coffee across London (in metal tubs too) - so really are doing their best to minimise their impact on the environment. 

Coffee name:

Press Blend


Brazil and Colombia


1150 - 2000 masl


Washed and Natural

Tasting notes: 

Almond, Peach, Maple Syrup

Why we like it: 

This blend never fails to disappoint, that's why it's stocked in so many offices and cafes across Greater London. A brilliant breakfast coffee that's worth stocking up on.