Perky Blenders Coffee

The Roasters:

Perky Blenders was started in 2015 by husband and wife team Adam and Victoria Cozens with a mission to bring speciality coffee to their corner of London, Waltham Forest. This mission turned into wanting to make high-grade speciality coffee more accessible to everyone. Their core value is responsibility, which runs through everything they do and it's clearly a successful formula, today they are one of the most successful coffee roasters in the UK!

Coffee name: 

Acacia Blend

The Coffee:

With delicate, sweet, and fruity flavours, Acacia suits filter brewing, but also makes for a unique espresso. Perky's latest version of Acacia Blend showcases coffees from Ethiopia and Indonesia, bringing you some of the most delicate beans from Asia and Central Africa. The Ethiopian coffee is produced in the Kantite area within Aroresa District in the South of Sidamo. The washing station receives cherries from more than 5000 small producers surrounding it. These specially selected cherries are treated in flotation tanks, separating ripe from under-ripe, ensuring the quality of this coffee, characterised by its Honey & Sweet Citrus notes. They blend these Ethiopian beans with Javanese coffee from Sunda, Indonesia. This coffee is produced by Klasik Beans, a cooperative founded in 2008 by a group of producers in Puntang, who take pride in their ecological and human commitment and the quality of coffee.This coffee is a blend of typica, line S and catimor, grown exclusively under shade. This particular lot is processed with the wet-hulled method, where the coffee is milled when still wet, creating rich and strong notes of citrus and herbs and low acidity.


Indonesia & Ethiopia


1950 - 2000 masl



Tasting Notes:

Strawberry, Apricot and Floral notes 

Why we like it: 

This filter roast blend is constantly tweaked and perfected to be the 'go-to' elegant and floral filter coffee year round.