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The story begins over 15 years ago. Founded in 2004 by Tom Sobey, Origin Coffee Roasters is an independently owned speciality coffee roaster that is bound by one central ethos; to source exceptional coffee through a sustainable, triple bottom line approach. Tom’s always been involved in the industry, working closely for his father’s coffee business growing up. But it wasn’t until he experienced Australia’s progressive coffee culture first-hand during a trip in the early 2000’s, that the idea for Origin was born. Now, with a team full of coffee professionals, a world-class coffee program, 6 coffee shops and an ever-evolving product range, Origin sits proudly as one of the longest standing speciality coffee roasters on UK shores. Their approach to coffee sourcing is through direct trade, a philosophy and ethical practice true to speciality coffee. Through their direct trade practice they’re able to support their farm and mill partners directly, giving you full traceability of the coffee in their cup.

Origin Coffee Roasters partners are committed to environmentally and socially sustainable practices. Their coffee program is one of the cornerstones of their B Corp certification.

Coffee name


The Coffee

Cereza Roja Association, Peru: Cereza Roja Association is located in the district of Lares challabamba, province of La Calca, department of Cusco. It is surrounded on the east by the mountains of the head of the Manú National Park, on the north by the Amazon forests and on the south by the snow-capped mountain range of La Verónica. It has a semi-dry and rainy climate, the winds that blow from the Amazon move the clouds that when colliding with the mountain range the Verónica precipitates constantly and this creates a favorable environment for the cultivation of coffee. 

Casa blend, Brazil:  Casa blend is a collective hard work contributing from the coffee producers in Brazil. This regional blend is developed by our exporting partner SMC’s quality control team. Casa Blend is a specialty coffee scoring 83 composed of beans grown by their coop members. This initiative helps the coffee growers to always stay in the specialty coffee market. The coffee profile is very accessible, it’s chocolate, sweet and nutty. 

El Balcon, Colombia: Finca el Balcón is located in Fredonia, Antioquia, just 3 hours drive from Medellin. The coffee is a fully washed process, with the cherries being picked when they are at a ripe dark red colour. The cherries are then depulped at a washing station, where the defected coffee beans are discarded. After, the parchment is left to ferment for 24 hours before being dried in a silo for upto 7 days. The final flavour profile is clean, with caramel sweetness and a low to medium acidity.


Peru, Brazil and Colombia


1,800 - 2,000 masl / 900 - 1,200 masl / 1,900 masl


Washed and Natural (blend)

Tasting notes

Milk Chocolate, Stone Fruit and Caramel

Why we like it

We love Origin Coffee Roasters and the fact they are bron in our favourite part of the world (second to Uganda), Cornwall. This full bodied cup is a timeless classic that won't disappoint.