Olfactory Coffee

The Roaster

Based in Penryn, Cornwall, Olfactory Coffee Roasters first started back in 2010 by a couple that became obsessed with coffee during studying at university. They set out to run a coffee business with the values of quality, transparency and ethical trading and to this day these values are firmly in place. Working with long-standing partner farmers all over the world, Founder Mariya extensively experiments, profiles and roasts coffees to bring out the most exciting flavours and characteristics.

The Coffee

In celebration of Ben & Alice's Uganda trip in March 2023, we wanted to nod to Uganda with this coffee. The White Nile region in Uganda is in the Northwest part of the county and provides the chocolatey notes. These are perfectly complemented by the creamy hazelnut and sweet fig flavours from Ana Cecilia Esteves's farm in Honduras. This signature filter blend is the perfect brew for all filter methods from aeropress to cafetiere. This coffee featured in our April 2023 box!


Uganda & Honduras


1300-1800 MASL


Washed & Macerated natural

Tasting notes:

Hazelnut, milk chocolate and fig

Why we like it:

From our two favourite coffee growing regions, this mixed process coffee is a versatile staple coffee that can be drunk in any way you like to brew. We are also big fans of Cornwall and love the heritage behind this Cornish brand.

Olfactory Coffee | Uganda

Olfactory Coffee | Uganda

Olfactory Coffee | Uganda

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Coffee discovered by RiSE coffee box

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The Coffee: Steadfast

Hints of: Hazelnut, Milk chocolate, Fig

Grown in: 50%   White Nile - Uganda | 50%   Ana Cecilia Estevez - Honduras

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1 300 - 1800 masl

This certified organic coffee has been developed to deliver a strong body, flavour and aroma. Perfect for all filter brewing methods, from the V60 and Aeropress, to the Cafetière or automatic filter brewing machine. Steadfast embodies everything that is amazing about the filter brew, with consistent flavours you can trust.

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