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The Roaster

First born from purchasing a tuk tuk in 2009, Jericho Coffee Traders has gone on to set up coffee shops across Oxford. They have a brilliant array of coffees for sale and we love popping into their coffee bar when we're in the city of Oxford. 


The Coffee

We previously featured a brilliant coffee from DR Congo, here's a little about it... Despite decades of challenges and decline to coffee exportation, specialty coffee is bringing new investment and hope to the Kivu region in DR Congo. The terroir provides an ideal environment for specialty arabica cultivation, with plentiful sunshine and rainfall, high elevations; and rich, fertile volcanic soils. Jericho partners with Virunga Coffee to source their beans, an organisation who has achieved international standards of organic certification and leads an organic partnership with over 2,300 smallholder coffee farmers, working with farmers to get them the tools and training they need. This special coffee is great as a filter or a funky espresso based drink. The Katanda village is located in the Isale region of Nord-Kivu (North of Lake Kivu), on the edge of Virunga National Park, bordered by Uganda to the east. The region has excellent conditions for speciality arabica  coffee production with plentiful rainfall, high altitude and highly fertile volcanic soils. The region is also very poverty-stricken and has had a severe lack of infrastructure which has made high quality arabica both difficult to produce and very challenging to export. Local coffee companies have sought to overcome many of these problems through hands-on farmer education and investment in local infrastructure such as roads and bridges. This has allowed quality improvements every season and, in turn, higher premiums for farmers.

We're now featuring a Guatemalan coffee from Jericho Coffee Traders, and here's a bit more info!


The Coffee Name





1550-1900 masl



Tasting notes:

Red grape, brown sugar and biscuits 

Why we like it:

Produced by a small cooperative this chocolate tasting Guatemalan is smooth and delicious 

Jericho Coffee Traders | Guatemala

Jericho Coffee Traders | Guatemala

Jericho Coffee Traders | Guatemala

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Freshly roasted coffee sent to you directly from Jericho coffee roasters. 

Coffee name: Maya

Notes of: Dark chocolate, boozy, black tea and caramel

Grown in: Guatemala

Process: Natural

The coffee:

This is an absolute cracker of a coffee. A favourite as an espresso based drink. Add milk and it tastes of butterscotch and caramel. It's also great as a full bodies cafetiere, with plenty of richness. Very smooth, delicate and balanced.

The farmers: 

The Farms of Antigua and the Antigua Regional lots are comprised of coffee from farms in the Antigua region in the south of Guatemala. A large portion of 2021’s Antigua Regional comes from a community of 43 producers located on the Volcán de Agua which towers above the Pacific coastal plain to the south and the Guatemalan Highlands to the north. The other coffees come from the larger historic farms of Antigua: Fincas Covadonga, La Guadelupe, San Inacio, Santa Barbara and San Carlos.

Los Volcanes Coffee (LVC) buys the entire harvest in cherry from these farms, using a uniform pricing strategy that results in the highest price in the region. The producers are paid within two weeks of their coffee being received at Beneficio La Esperanza for processing. Josué Morales, LVC’s founder and director, coordinates with community leaders to orchestrate the pick-up of cherries. Trucks leave every morning and return to the Beneficio La Esperanza mill in the evenings loaded with cherries.

The producers contribute their labour, land and coffee, and use the infrastructure of LVC and Beneficio La Esperanza for collection and processing. LVC provides tea or composted pulp to some of the producers to improve soil quality, while all of these producers have been involved with LVC’s workshops at Finca La Esperanza, benefitting from classes on compost, shade, spacing and picking, among others.

Coffee available in: Whole bean, Ground Medium (AeroPress / V60 / Chemex), Fine (espresso / moka pot), Ground Coarse (French Press / cafetière)

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