Heart and Graft Coffee Roasters

The Roasters

We've been thinking about featuring Heart & Graft for a long time, since their distinctive brand and overall approach to coffee really stands out from the crowd. If you head to their website you'll see they have coffee "archetypes", defined types of coffees based on profiles for specific brew methods, helping coffee lovers to navigate the complex world of coffee. H&G first set up in a co-op space for artists and creatives based in Salford. Since then they have grown into an old mill building and are now the proud owners of a 75 kilo roaster. You'll find their coffees at most cafes in and around the Manchester area.

Coffee name


The Coffee

This coffee is produced by Franciso Morales and his family, who have dedicated their lives to developing his farm and producing this sweet tasting, delicious coffee. The coffee is usually washed (which means the outer mucilage is taken off) before being fermented for around 24 hours and then dried. This year the farmer partly dried the cherries in the sun to enhance the flavour, before the washing process, which (together with the medium roast) has helped to create the balanced sweetness you can taste. Francisco has won several awards at the famous Huehuetenango Highland competitions and we can see why!







Tasting Notes

Dark chocolate, dates and pears

Why we like it

Featured in May 2023 this is an espresso roasted coffee with a sticky full bodied chocolate notes best enjoyed as an espresso or flat white.