Dark Arts Coffee

The Roaster

If you haven't come across Dark Arts Coffee roasters before it's worth checking out their Instagram - these guys aren't your typical looking coffee roasters and are not only serious about coffee, but about bikes, booze and all things "unholy". Roasted in Hackney, London, Dark Arts coffee comes from Caparaó, a new micro region near to the mountainous Pico da Bandeira National Park in Brazil. The tasting notes are nutty with blackberry acidity, and caramel sweetness (yum). Best made as a filter, Aeropress, or espresso coffee.

Coffee name


The Coffee

Dragon Brazil is grown by Fabio Araùjo who has been growing coffee from a very young age. This quickly became his passion and even while he was attending medical school, he made time to process coffee. Today Fazenda do Salto is run by Fabio and his sons, André and Juca. They are always striving to produce coffee while understanding the importance of sustainability, environmental and social issues. 




1200 masl



Tasting notes

Black Grape, Brazil Nut and Caramel

Why we like it

This seasonal espresso has a chocolatey body mouthfeel and is a  classic espresso roast. We love Dark Arts, their brand, ethos and generally killer vibe.