Danelaw Coffee

The Roasters

Danelaw Coffee has a majorly impressive CV when it comes to coffee! The founder David is a 2-time UK Coffee in Good Spirits Champion, a Q grader (licensed professional coffee taster) and is a frequent judge of World Barista Championships. He's been working in coffee for over 16 years and his passion and enthusiasm is off the charts! The name Danelaw links back to the area that David grew up in (Yorkshire and Lincolnshire), and is the 9th century name for this part of the world. It represents his connection to the farmers and local produce in this area, which David is so proud of. 

Coffee name

Rosely Hernandez

The Coffee

This coffee comes from a Co-Op of 86 women in Western Honduras, bordering Guatemala and El Savador. David met the farmer Roseley in 2018 who told him it was her "dream come true" to have this coffee launched by Danelaw. Her farm is a micro-lot in this cooperative and is run by her and her husband day-to-day. It's a robust coffee that can be drunk as an espresso with milk, or as a filter.




1650 masl



Tasting Notes

Dark chocolate, red grape, caramel and walnut

Why we like it

One of our subscribers said this was the best coffee they had tried, after subscribing for 3 years! Say no more...