Curve Coffee

The Roaster

Curve Coffe Roasters are a quality-driven coffee roastery based in Margate, Kent. They exist to bring you delicious coffees in a way that benefits producers and is kinder to our planet. We first came across them in Brixton market, and soon discovered they were set up with cafes and a roastery down in Margate (one of our favourite places in the UK). Co-owned by coffee expert Tereza, their passion for sustainability and traceability on coffee really stood out to us, and we love their beautifully designed packaging too. 

The Coffee

The San Lorenzo House Espresso is full bodied, syrupy, with notes of chocolate, ripe damson plum and dates. Perfect to drink as an espresso or long black whilst pairing beautifully with milk for a comforting flat white. The San Lorenzo group is part of the Cooperativa de Caficultores de Alto Occidente de Caldas which was established in 1964. It is an indigenous group of producers based in the Rio Sucio municipality of Caldas where there are 11,500 inhabitants with 1,150 farmers producing coffee within 21 communities. Until recently, this region was heavily inhabited by paramilitary groups and guerrillas, who looked to control this central corridor in Colombia. The region has not been known for specialty coffee production but as the local tensions have eased and access improved. The indigenous inhabitants believe in the Pacha Mama – earth goddess, and see the land as a living being. To them it is their duty to protect the natural environment and have as little impact as possible from their farming of coffee and to leave it as it has always been. 




1700 masl



Tasting notes:

Dark chocolate and plums

Why we like it

This classic Colombian coffee packs a punch and is a must for any at home baristas who love their espresso machine. When your next in Margate, pop in to Curve Coffee Roasters, their toasties and cake selection is also out of this world!