Colonna Coffee

The roaster: 

In 2009, Maxwell & Lesley opened the destination coffee shop Colonna & Small’s in Bath, UK. The shop was dedicated to showcasing the most exceptional coffees in a space built to engage a conversation around coffee. The roastery was launched in 2015, as we sought to take more control of the sourcing and flavour profiling of their coffees.

The coffee:

In our first few years of running Rise we featured Colonna's Mageyo coffee which you can still buy today. This natural Bourbon lot from the Mageyo station sees a huge leap forward in quality-control, with an exceptionally balanced cup pointing to meticulous control in the processing stages. With Mageyo station benefiting from the rich volcanic soils of the region, the Bourbon lots grown in the area enjoy optimal conditions for cultivation.


Mageyo, Burundi


1950 - 2000 masl



Tasting notes: 

Purple fruit

Why we like it:

This is a bright and beautiful natural coffee that makes an excellent cup of filter brew.