Coffee by Tate

The roaster: 

Based in Tate Britain, The Roastery at Tate values and invests in the relationships, quality, equality and sustainability of their coffee. That means that each and every kilo of coffee they buy is sourced equally from female and male producers, a model they call the Gender Equality Coffee Project. This project champions women coffee producers and family farmers who equitably share household income, resources and decision-making. Their range of coffees are from Latin America and both the artwork and the coffees themselves are designed to reflect the seasonality and diversity of coffee in the area.

Coffee name:

Manasses Sampaio Dias

The coffee:

The coffee we featured in our rise box was: Manasses Sampaio Dias. At the time, it had been a while since we'd put a Brazilian coffee in the box, but this one is a banger! This natural coffee comes from Sitio Tres Barras, a farm located in Sao Paulo estate. This farm has belonged to the Manasses family for at least 70 years. In 2001 the farm planted five thousand coffee trees of Yellow Icaty variety and five hundred trees of Tupy variety in the hope for increased quality. The farm now produces some of the most awarded and best tasting coffees year after year, and the farm is now fair trade certified. Best enjoyed as an espresso based drink or as a cafetiere. 




1900-2000 masl



Tasting notes: 

Lychee, peach and Chocolate 

Why we like it:  

Everything about this bag of coffee is awesome, the artwork is hand designed by a Tate competition winner, the roastery team are lovely and the chocolatey Brazil is one of the best Brazil's we've tried.