Climpsons & Sons

The roaster:

Climpsons & Sons are pioneers in the evolving London specialty coffee scene who pride themselves on their "boundless exploration into the possibilities of flavour". Alongside a focus on flavour, they are proud to share the stories of the producers they work with, and work hard to foster ongoing business relationships with their producers to ensure they can develop sustainable business plans. We absolutely loved the cupping event we ran with Climpsons in October; the team are a friendly and passionate bunch of coffee experts and we'd strongly encourage a visit to one of their cafes or roastery.

Coffee name:

Las ranas

The coffee: 

This natural coffee is particularly special, as it was chosen by our RiSE community! When we ran our blind tasting event back in October 2022, and this came out top out of 5 coffees tested. 'Las ranas' means frogs in Spanish, and this coffee comes from the Finca San Francisco area that has a forest reserve and lagoon that is home to thousands of frogs. Working alongside this delicate ecosystem is key to the overall quality of the coffee, which is all hand-picked by day before being delivered to the Las Cruces mill for processing each evening. The farm itself belongs to Jose Antonio Salaverria and is located where many of the 'Cup of Excellence' producing farms are. 


El Salvador


1200 masl



Tasting notes: 

Almond, Apricot and Honey

Why we like it: 

This coffee featured in our 2022 Christmas box and was co-branded, we totally love it and still drink it when it's in season! We love Climpsons' approach to ethical and sustainable sourcing which is very robust and easy to learn about on their website.