Brew Coffee Plus

The Roasters

We spent time hanging out with Brew Coffee Plus at the London Coffee Festival this year. Dora and her Co-Founder Enea are both experts in coffee, having worked in the industry many years. Based in Streatham, South London, they are passionate about bringing 'precious, transparent, ethical coffee to your home and coffee shops'. Brew Coffee Plus aim for up to 150% of the cost of production to go back to the farmers and to supporting local initiatives in their coffee producing regions.


Coffee name

Milky Wave

The Coffee

This washed coffee comes from the city of Popyan in the Cauca region of South Colombia. At 1600 metres above sea level, the coffee farms in this region are sheltered by the Andes mountain range, and are usually smaller than 5 hectares. This coffee comes from a group of 65 small holder farmers who work together to produce high quality arabica coffee. This deliciously chocolate tasting coffee is the ideal coffee to enjoy as a flat white or latte.







Tasting Notes

Caramel, hazelnut and chocolate

Why we like it

Featured in July 2023, Brew Coffee Plus is guaranteed to deliver the chocolate notes every time.