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Founded by Russell Bailie over 20 years ago, Belfast-based Bailies Coffee Roasters have always approached coffee in a holistic way, understanding the importance of investing in every step of a coffee’s journey from bean to cup. Bailies dedicates a huge amount of time to travelling coffee regions and have forged long-standing, ethical and equitable relationships with their coffee farmers - the right approach to take for sustainable coffee sourcing. 

Coffee Name

Buku Sayisa Natural Microlot

The Coffee

The village of Buku Sayisa is located in the district of Wamena, part of the broader area of Guji, and collects the cherries of the small farmers in the surrounding area. Farmers in this region cultivate the heirloom variety of Dega, hence unlike most Ethiopia specialty coffees this is a single-variety Dega microlot




2350 masl



Tasting notes:

Spiced Dried Orange, Honey Pomelo, Goji Berry

Why We Like It

Microlot coffee refers to a specific and limited quantity of coffee beans that come from a well-defined, small section or plot within a larger coffee farm. This separation allows coffee producers to isolate and highlight a particular set of coffee beans with distinct characteristics, often resulting in exceptional flavour profiles. Microlots are carefully cultivated, processed, and harvested with extra attention to detail, aiming to produce high-quality, unique, and premium coffee. We love this special coffee for it's unique tasting notes and recommend you give it a try!

Bailies Coffee | Ethiopia

Bailies Coffee | Ethiopia

Bailies Coffee | Ethiopia

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Freshly roasted coffee sent to you directly from Bailies coffee roasters. 

Coffee name: Hunkute

Notes of: Apricot, peach, jasmine

Grown in: Ethiopia

Process: Washed

The coffee:

Roasted for espresso: Roasted to our espresso profile and best suited to espresso or traditional filter brewing, working well with or without milk.

The farmers:

Hunkute is our traceable Ethiopian offering of this season, belonging to the Sidama Cooperative Union, Hunkute is the most quality focused coop we know of producing excellent results. In the cup you will find beautiful Apricot aromatics alongside Peach and Jasmine tasting notes.

Located in the Wonsho district with two separate wet mills that collect cherries from around 2000 smallholder farmers in the neighbouring villages. Fertile soil, a local mix of heirloom varieties and good altitude together with the use of organic fertilizer gives this coffee a beautiful sweetness and pronounced aroma. Their coffee is grown organically, although it doesn't have organic certification.

Coffee available in: Whole bean, Ground Medium (AeroPress / V60 / Chemex), Fine (espresso / moka pot), Ground Coarse (French Press / cafetière)

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