Abe and Co Coffee

The Roasters:

Guy started Abe & Co from his garden after buying an Aillio Bullet. The actual idea was to roast coffee for himself and to enjoy geeking out, however after some of his friends tried his back garden coffee, orders started to come in. Guy’s biggest coffee passion is finding and roasting coffee, which coffee lovers can use to make coffee shop quality drinks at home.

Coffee name:

Bwenda, Rwanda

The Coffee:

A true gem sourced from the beautiful region of Paranaiba in Brazil. Grown with utmost care on the renowned Sucuri Farm, this coffee embodies the dedication and passion of the esteemed farmer, Mr. Barbosa. With an altitude of 1100 MASL, the beans thrive in the perfect environment, resulting in a flavour profile that will captivate your senses. A medium roast ensures a balanced cup, with notes of chocolate and caramel dancing on your palate, accented by a subtle fruitiness that adds a delightful twist.





Tasting Notes:

Tangerine, Hazlenut butter

Why we like it:

We love the smooth and rich flavour of this coffee. It also has a slight citrus which makes a fantastic espresso or flat white.