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The Best coffee roasters in Bristol 2024 (Picked after visiting the ci – Rise Coffee

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The Best coffee roasters in Bristol 2024 (Picked after visiting the city)

Alice and Ben founded RISE coffee box in 2020 because they knew there was better coffee to be enjoyed than what you find in the high street or on supermarket shelves. RISE sets out to tour the UK and find the best coffee roasters out there. Hopefully this guide gives you a helpful round of roasters in the Bristol area.

Before we delve into the best coffee in Bristol and the surrounding areas, we wanted to share a bit more about our process for selecting coffee roasters. So, what do we look for when we choose the best coffee to go inside our RISE coffee boxes? First and foremost, every coffee roster we work with has to fill out a RISE sustainability and sourcing questionnaire which is reviewed directly by Alice and Ben, we then assess the coffees based on the criteria below. If you would like to see how it works click here.

Criteria What we look for
Coffee bean quality We have a 4 step process of determining the quality of the coffee bean. We blind taste test all coffee in a cupping session alongside a variety of samples.  We have a head roaster gives their approval  We have a taste test panel of customers who try the coffee before it makes the box Alice and Ben select the coffee that has the highest quality. 
Responsibly Sourced coffee Each coffee roaster fills out a RISE questionnaire so we can understand how they source their coffee and whether the farmers are getting a fair price. We look at which importers they are using or whether they are sourcing via direct trade. 
Reputation How well respected is the roaster and how well known are they in the coffee scene? Reputation matters and we work with partners that have credible reputations in the coffee world. We look at what awards they have won (including Great Taste) and what reviews they have from past customers. Recent partners include Dear Green coffee, North Star coffee, and Danelaw. See all our partners here
Sustainability practices We look at what sustainability practises the coffee roaster has in place. This includes their packaging choices, how they handle waste, and whether they are B-Corp. We look for what accreditations they have including being Organic Certified, Fair Trade or Rainforest Association
Uniqueness  At RISE coffee box we are all about variety, discovery and uniqueness. We look for roasters that have a variety of coffee to offer from wonderful and different places. 


All coffee has been personally taste tested by Alice and Ben at RISE. We have the privilege of working with coffee roasters from all over the UK and get to sample coffee from a variety of origins, flavour profiles and processing methods. It's a great job! We also have a taste test panel of customers who help us select the best coffee for our RISE coffee subscription box - drop us a message if you would like to be involved. 

We also look for coffee roasters that you can buy online that offer fast, free delivery for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. 

rise coffee box expertly picked coffee

Let's cut to the chase, does Bristol have good coffee?

Yes! Bristol has a buzzing cafe scene with a number of fantastic coffee roasters. We have recently featured roasters including Triple Co Roast and thought it was time to write about the best coffee in Bristol. Bristol has an abundance of coffee roasters for you to brew at home.  

There are also dozens of other reasons to visit, other than just for the coffee, including seeing the stunning Clifton Bridge. 

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Below is our guide to the best coffee shops in Bristol, some of which have featured in our RiSE COFFEE BOX or we've visited in person. If you're looking for recommendations for further afield, head over to our blog to read all about coffee roasters across the UK here

1. Triple Co Roast

We love Bristol's Triple Co Roast and featured them in our August 2023 coffee subscription after meeting the team at The London Coffee Festival. Triple Co Roast describe themselves as an "open access" roastery which means you are welcome to pop in and visit them anytime - they are based in Bristol and love having visitors come into the roastery. Aside from their amazing packaging, what we really love about Triple Co Roast is that they foster direct relationships with every single one of their farmers in Colombia. They even make yearly trips to their partner farms to see the coffee being picked first hand. 
We featured their Buesaco, Colombia - which is sourced directly from the village of Buesaco in southern Colombia, the goal of this coffee is to achieve stable and sustainable prices for community farms through improved quality control, shared knowledge, and a connection to the specialty coffee market. Jose Gomez co-operative’s goal is to represent the producers and work with us as roasters, together creating a sustainable value chain. They buy the coffee from the farmers wet and in parchment, meaning the quality of the drying is down to the cooperative and not the farmers. This ensures that there isn't room for the drying process to go wrong due to environmental factors and ensures the farmer gets paid well year round. It is absolutely delicious with tasting Notes of Cocoa, Caramel, Cranberry.
Where to find Triple Co Roast:

📍 Unit 12, Montpelier Central, Station Rd, Montpelier, Bristol BS6 5EE

triple co roast bristol

2. Extract Coffee Roasters 

Extract's hero coffees are 'speciality coffees on a mission'. A mission to make coffee better for people and the planet. Extract have spent a long time working on their hero range. The heroes are a mix of coffee blends and single-origin coffees. Each one is ethically sourced and perfectly-crafted and available to buy online year in year out. We haven't yet featured one in The RISE coffee box but hopefully that will change soon! 

Our favourite coffee to buy online from Extract coffee is their 'Certified Organic coffee' - the name does exactly what it says on the tin. Its a blend of Honduras and Peru. We love to find a certified Soil Association coffee, and the one from Extract does not disappoint. In the cup you will find notes of dark chocolate, fruit load and caramel. This is roasted slightly longer allowing the natural sugars in our organic coffee to caramelise during roasting, giving this punchy espresso its delicious sweetness and big chocolate flavours. It is slightly darker than what Alice and Ben usually drink, but a fantastic coffee to have with milk. The milk softens the bitterness and you will enjoy notes of caramel and hazelnut. The Extract mission is simple: To make coffee better. 
extract coffee roasters bristol

3. Clifton Coffee Roasters

We first wrote about Clifton in our blog about coffee roasters changing the scene in the South West of the UK here.

Founded by James Fisher in 2001, Clifton Coffee Company began its life servicing espresso machinery in the independent businesses of Bristol. As the reputation for service grew, so too did the demand for supply of coffee & equipment and so, just a couple of years later, when joined by Ed Buston, Clifton Coffee began wholesaling roasted coffees to the surrounding area, backed up with relatively unknown at the time ‘barista training’ to support its wholesale customers.

The team at Clifton Coffee believe in transparent and ethical sourcing. 90% of their volume is bought directly from origin through their own relationships that hey have built travelling the world, creating and maintaining partnerships and ensuring their buying program delivers across the three pillars of economic, environmental and socially sustainable trade. They also work closely with co-operatives, private exporters, NGO’s and Indigenous Rights Groups to ensure that the coffees they sell are ethical, free from exploitation, and truly traceable. This is remarkable and since our recent trip to Uganda ourselves, brilliant to see a roaster going direct to origin and building these relationships.

Our current favourite from Clifton at the moment is their Peru - Wilder Garcia. This coffee is also an Extract 'Staff Favourite' so we think we have picked well here! The tasting notes are blackcurrant, agave and zinfandel rose and you can buy online for £13 per 250g - they do charge delivery however. 

Peruvian coffee beans thrive in the high altitudes of the Andean peaks, slowly maturing into incredibly sweet cherries that are hand-picked for maximum ripeness. They’re known for their medium-body and well-balanced flavour profiles. The farmer in Peru, Wilder Garcia maintains a close relationship with the health of his coffee trees. At 1800masl, his 23-hectare farm enjoys an ideal climate for growing Arabica coffee, which spans 16 hectares of his land. Wilder began implementing a Tissue Management System of pruning and maintaining plants on his coffee farm six years ago to achieve a productive balance, encourage cherry production and avoid fluctuations. The system relies on a two-year cycle and is applied in blocks. Caturra, Bourbon, Typica, Geisha, and Java varietals are grown, and their tissue management depends largely on the skeletal style of the trees.

Where to find Clifton Coffee in Bristol:

📍Island Trade Pk, Bristow Broadway, Avonmouth, Bristol BS11 9FB

4. Bristol Twenty Tea and Coffee

6. Blind Owl Coffee Roasters

Another RISE coffee box partner from 2023, Blind Owl coffee was a huge hit with their Central American El Salvador.  Tasting notes of Green apple, milk chocolate and hazelnut. For the small team at Blind Owl Coffee, their journey has always been about community and collaboration - bringing people together and spreading a little bit of joy is why they do what they do, and if you happen to enjoy the coffee as well, then that’s a bonus in their eyes.

'Finca Palin' is a third-generation coffee farm owned and managed by Carolina Padilla. The coffee trees are surrounded by citrus trees such as limes and oranges, helping promote higher quality coffee production whilst also diversifying income. During harvest, the cherries are carefully hand-picked and delivered to a nearby mill. Here, the coffee is pulped to remove the exterior fruit and fermented for 10-12 hours. The coffee is then washed in canals of water to remove any remaining mucilage and foreign material. The freshly cleaned beans are then evenly dispersed on clay patios to dry until the ideal moisture content is reached. When this delicious green bean reaches us Blind Own in Bristol, they roast it to a medium profile in order to maintain and accentuate its delicious flavours.

Where to find Blind Owl coffee:

📍32 Feeder Road, Bristol, BS2 0SE

Frequently asked questions about coffee in Bristol:

We love to answer any questions you have on coffee in Bristol, so do get in touch any time!

What is the Best Coffee in Bristol And Surrounding Areas? 

This is a tough question. One of our favourite roasters is Triple Co Roast. We wouldn't say they are the best (as we would like to remain impartial!) as there are so many great coffee roasters including Extract and Clifton coffee however, Triple Co Roast are the only ones to have made it into the RISE coffee box so far. Bristol has an abundance of great coffee roasters, in our opinion and you find some of the others inside our RISE coffee box soon!

Are Coffee Roasters in Bristol Sustainable and Ethical?

The majority of specialty coffee roasters we came across in our travels and research are committed to delivering sustainable coffee through sourcing beans ethically via fair trade or direct trade, and ensuring environmentally friendly roasting processes. Extract coffee have made strides in their achievements to be sustainable and ethical and Bristol Twenty have been sourcing directly for decades.  All coffee that features in the RISE coffee box subscription goes through vigorous testing to ensure they follow ethical practices.

Where Can I Buy Coffee Beans in Bristol?

You can buy coffee beans from a variety of coffee roasters and cafes, but the best ones are from Extract, Triple Co Roast and Clifton coffee. 


How Do I Choose the Best Coffee Roaster from Bristol?

Choosing the right coffee beans to buy online involves thinking about things like the bean quality, how the coffee has been roasted, whether the roaster is sustainable We would recommend looking at reviews from customers too. At RISE, you can order coffee beans in the comfort of your own home, knowing they will be premium quality, sustainably sourced and delicious because they have gone through the RISE taste testing - taking the hassle away from you having to source your own with the risk it may not be good quality. If you would like to buy coffee online yourself, look out for their sustainability practices, what variety they have on offer and whether the coffee is roasted to order. 

How Much Does a Bag of Coffee Cost in Bristol

The price of coffee can vary considerably when it comes to buying coffee from Bristol coffee roasters. Buying a bag of coffee online can prices, a bag of coffee can costs between £6 to £25+ for a 250g bag. Some rare coffees can be upwards of £25 per bag. But you should remember that the cost of a pack of coffee in Bristol, like in any city, can vary greatly depending on a number of factors including quality, origin etc. At RISE our 4 bag box is £38 making it exceptional value. 

Can I Buy Coffee Beans Directly from Coffee Roasters in Bristol?

All coffee roasters mentioned here offer coffee beans online to buy. Many are delivered via letterbox friendly boxes or you can discover new coffee from Bristol and other cities inside your RISE coffee box. 
At RISE coffee box subscription we travel the UK to find the best cup of coffee and I hope you enjoyed our guide on the best coffee roasters in Bristol UK. 
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The Best coffee roasters in Bristol 2024 (Picked after visiting the ci