The best coffee in Cardiff (expertly picked by RISE coffee)

There are dozens of reasons to visit Cardiff, Wales other than just for the coffee. But considering you have landed here, we are sure you are looking for the best coffee in Cardiff to explore and enjoy. We have featured a number of coffee roasters in Cardiff such as Hard Lines coffee and Uncommon Ground in our RISE coffee box subscription and felt it was time to write about the best coffee in Cardiff. We have picked out some top roasters in our blog about Wales, but today we dedicate this article to Cardiff. 

Wales’ capital Cardiff is a vibrant city with plenty to see, do and explore. It has the River Taff running through it and a castle in its centre, surrounded by the beautiful Bute Park. Before we get to the good coffee stuff, here are a few reasons to visit Cardiff in general. 

1. Cardiff Castle: The castle is a breathtaking historical site located in the middle of the city, and it even used to have live peacocks roaming its grounds! Entry to the castle costs £10, and if you are feeling brave enough you can also opt for doing a ghost tour at night, going from room to room by candlelight, hearing gruesome stories and hearing about all the reported ghost sightings!

2. Bute Park: Bute Park, also located in the city centre, and just adjacent to the castle grounds. The stunning area of grounds runs along side the River Taff. Its great during summer for a picnic. It’s also where you can catch a water bus to Cardiff Bay. 

3. Cardiff Bay: Cardiff Bay offers beautiful views over the water as well as offers a huge variety of leisure activities and attractions for visitors. There are plenty of bars, restaurants and cafes to choose from. If the weather is good you can overlook the water with a coffee or drink. Some of the main attractions for visitors here is the Wales Millennium Centre, where the Welsh National Assembly is located as well as Techniquest (an interactive science museum), the Norwegian Church and the Wetlands Reserve, an area of natural beauty. 

4. Sport: Rugby. Rugby. Rugby. The city is Rugby mad!! The castle has a rugby ball in the wall of the castle during the world cup. 

5. Hospitality, cafe culture and vibrant nightlife: Cardiff is bustling with 

At Rise we love a trip down to Cardiff. We last visited in 2021 when we featured Hard Lines coffee in the RISE coffee box originally. They have since featured a couple of times and are firm favourites with our coffee subscription. 

All that being said, if you’re reading this, you probably want us to get onto everything coffee and read all about where you can find the best coffee in Cardiff! Below is our top 10 guide to the best coffee shops in Cardiff, some of which have featured in our RiSE COFFEE BOX or we've visited in person. If you're looking for recommendations for further afield, head over to our blog (here) to read all about coffee roasters across Wales.

Without further ado, read about the best coffee in Cardiff:

1. Hard Lines coffee

We love Hard Lines who are based in Cardiff, Wales and have been smashing the coffee scene by sourcing sustainably and building long-lasting relationships at the origin to produce exceptional coffeeBased in Cardiff’s Central market, they are well known for their signature pink coffee, ‘The Barb’ named after their very own bright pink La Marzocco espresso machine ‘Barbara’. Founded by Matt, Sophie and Sam, they describe their roastery as "hot, heavy, fun" which sounds like a good time to us. 
The coffee we featured in our RISE coffee box subscription was the Big Blend, Brazil & Nicaragua mix. This big and bold blend certainly is that - with two origins of coffees working in harmony to bring you bold flavours but also sweetness and a juicy mouthfeel. Best described as sweet, complex, tasty!
Where to find Hard Lines coffee:
  • 📍Hard Lines cafe: Canton, Cardiff CF5 1GX
  • 📍Hard Lines roastery: Gwaelod y Garth, CF15 8LA



2. Uncommon Ground

Where to find Uncommon Ground coffee:

  • 📍10-12 Royal Arcade, Cardiff CF10 1AE

Another RISE coffee box favourite, and one of our most shopped coffee roasters on our online page is Uncommon Ground. 

Uncommon Ground is an independent, family owned and operated, speciality coffee bar situated in Cardiffs historical Royal Arcade. It is owned and run by two local brothers, Paul and Ian Hayman, who have devoted their passion for coffee into roasting and serving the finest, freshest, and expertly prepared coffee to the people of Cardiff since opening in March of 2015. One of three commercial roasters in South Wales, Uncommon are able to source, roast, cup and develop flavour profiles for new coffee, before directly introducing new products to friends and customers in their busy city centre coffee bar.

3. Lufkin Coffee Roasters

"my grandparents had a garden that I found was a magical place there was this lemon tree I remember picking one of the lemons from the tree and tasting it and realising that it wasn’t what I expected" - at RISE, we love this quote on their homepage. It is thought provoking and draws comparison to coffee tasting.

It is well worth wandering through the old cobbled backstreets of Cardiff to find Lufkin Coffee Roasters, which opened in September 2015. The edgy and cool breezeblock exterior looks less than cosy, but the two sections of the cafe within are welcoming and a really enjoyable place to enjoy a single origin specialty coffee. They have a variety on offer, whether you prefer a strong bold espresso or a delicate pour over filter. Their espresso is crafted in a slick chrome La Marzocco Linea PB. 

They roast their own coffee on the site of an old bank, their roastery is not open to the public. But head to their cafe to enjoy a single origin coffee. 

Where to find Lufkin coffee:

  • 📍49 Romilly Rd, Cardiff CF5 1FJ


    4. Quantum Coffee Roastery

    Located just a short walk from Cardiff Bay train station, they stand proud in the historic part of Cardiff, right by the castle! These guys have a real focus on single origin coffee particularly from women coffee producers. They strive to create and sustain impact-focussed partnerships and have specifically been focusing on three areas within the coffee industry. Investing in the people behind these coffees is a core focus and aligns well with RISE and our Friendly Coffee Fund.  

    Our favourite coffee of theirs at the moment is their anaerobic natural from El Salvador - Finca Las Marias - YUM! 

    Where to find Quantum coffee roastery:

    • 📍 Quantum coffee shop: 58 Bute Street, Cardiff, CF10 5BN 


    rise coffee box are better for people and the planet


    Other roasters in Wales, outside of Cardiff include:

    1. Coaltown coffee

    Where to find Coaltown Coffee:

    • 📍 The Roastery, Foundry Rd, Ammanford SA18 2LS

    2. Big Dog Coffee

    Where to find Big Dog Coffee:

    • 📍The Roastery, Workshop 20, The Innovation Center, Ebbw Vale, NP23 8XA
    • 📍The coffee shop: 138 High Street, Blackwood, South Wales , NP12 1AH
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    FAQ: Have a question about coffee in Cardiff? 

    As we take you on a journey of discovery we try to answer a few questions you may have about the coffee in Cardiff. 

    Let's continue below...

    What Is the Best Coffee in Cardiff?

    In our expert opinion, Hard Lines coffee roasters serves up some of the best coffee in Cardiff and across Wales, they also have some of the best coffee to buy online via their online store. They featured in our coffee subscription in 2023 and Ben and Alice were so pleased with the great feedback they had on how good their House Party coffee is. You can also buy coffee from Uncommon Ground here

    Where to Buy Coffee Beans in Cardiff?

    Cardiff is home to a host of amazing coffee roasters and has a lively cafe and waterfront culture. We have listed some of the best coffee roasters above but keen to hear from you if we have missed anyone you love. You can buy high quality beans from Hard Lines or Uncommon Ground or find them inside your RISE coffee box. All these roasters sell online but try to check out their cafes and shops in person if you are in Cardiff city. 

    Is There Coffee Cupping in Cardiff?

    Many coffee roasters hold cupping sessions with their customers. If you find a coffee roaster you like check out their website or drop them an email to ask. Places like Hard Lines or Uncommon occasionally host cupping sessions whereas Lufkin isn't open to the public. If you are interested in attending a RISE coffee cupping session then drop your email below to hear more. 

    How Much Does a Coffee Cost in Cardiff?

    As an average, in 2024 the cost of a coffee in Cardiff is: £3 which is a little cheaper then places like London or Edinburgh where it is £3.40. 

    The cost of a bag of coffee in Cardiff varies depending on the quality and type of bean and roast you choose. You can get coffee ranging from £6 to £25+ - however a good bag of Hard Lines will be around the £13.50 price point. Factors like whole bean origin, roasting method (dark or light), and quality play into the cost. At RISE we help you explore some of the best coffee the UK has to offer through our multi roaster discovery here where you can enjoy 2 bags (500g) for £24 including delivery. 


    Cardiff is a really fun and exciting city to visit and the coffee here is fantastic! Each roaster in Cardiff really cares about the quality of their coffee, where it has been sourced from and the ethics that go behind it. The experience of the cafe culture in Cardiff can not be beaten with a great variety of cafes to sit, relax and enjoy a cup of delicious coffee. 

    At RISE we care about finding the UK's most sustainable, high quality coffee to deliver to your door each month. 

    We're not just a subscription but a coffee journey to enjoy, if you aren't already a subscriber join us and be part of the best coffee subscription in the UK - as voted for by magazines including GQ, The Independent, and BBC Good Food. 

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