Routes coffee: Learn all about this festival dwelling coffee roaster

You may have come across Routes coffee in your May RISE coffee box subscription or you may have seen them at a festival across the UK (such as Glastonbury) or at a friend's wedding! We came across Routes coffee on our travels across the UK, when Alice was in Oxford for a weekend. Their bright and adventurous branding first caught our eye, and the coffee and ethics behind this brand are just awesome! Founder Will not only roasts incredible coffee, but brings fun vibes to every party…

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Who are Routes coffee?

You may have heard or seen Routes at the likes of Glastonbury, where they are a firm favourite coffee pop up. They’ve since hosted their coffee van at 100s of events and festivals across the UK. The business was born out of the founders spending time not only in Oz (like Alice & Ben), but all over the world travelling and learning about coffee. Routes also have a coffee shop based in Oxford called Green Routes, definitely worth checking out if you're ever in that beautiful city! The shop is located at 39 Magdalen Road, Oxford, OX4 1RB and comes with HUGE praise from Vogue magazine, saying, “Oxfords most exciting vegan brunch”. 

At Routes Coffee, Will and his team believe in the power of coffee and community to connect people and cultures around the world. They have a commitment that “extends to fostering a sustainable and ethical coffee journey.” They are “dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment, the communities we engage with, and the entire coffee supply chain”. At RISE, we only work with the very best coffee roasters that take sustainability and coffee sourcing seriously and Routes coffee is right up there in aligning with this. 

Routes coffee only work with farmers that practise permaculture (The Permaculture Association explain this technique as a “fresh perspective inspired by nature that helps us make better-informed choices which give the planet and its people the best chance at flourishing” - essentially Permaculture is an approach to land management and settlement design that adopts arrangements observed in flourishing natural ecosystems (Learn more here). By supporting permaculture initiatives, Routes coffee not only ensures the quality of their coffee but also contributes to regenerative agriculture, biodiversity, and soil health of the coffee farms.

Routes Coffee is dedicated to minimising their environmental footprint. They prioritise environmentally friendly practices throughout their operations, from responsible sourcing to eco-friendly packaging as well as roasting their coffee on a Giesen W6 & W30 coffee roaster, known for its energy efficiency and precision. 

Just like RISE, Routes Coffee is committed to giving back to the communities that nurture our coffee. At RISE we set up the Friendly Coffee Fund to give back to farmers and their families who are at the core of the supply chain of the drink we all adore and love. Routes are community focused and engage in initiatives that support education, healthcare, and sustainable development in coffee-growing regions. 

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Why did RISE coffee box pick their Ethiopian coffee?

A lot of our coffee club members have been asking for a "lighter roast" coffee and here it is! Labelled light roast, this feels more medium roast thanks to the flavour profile and coffee body. In short, it is absolutely fantastic - bold, smooth, and full of flavour. This naturally processed fruity coffee was produced by smallholder producers in the Buku kebele (‘kebele’ meaning ‘village’). The Buku Abel village, where the washing station is located within the Guji zone, sits 2350 metres above sea level, representing one of the highest coffee producing altitudes that Routes have worked with. It has notes of Chocolate, Apricot and Blueberry. 

Our founder, Ben, met Will at The London Coffee Festival, where they shared a cup of the Ethiopian Guji together. Ben was delighted to later feature this special coffee in our RISE coffee box. 

What do RISE coffee box members say about Routes coffee?

This coffee has been one of the most enjoyed coffees of 2024! One RISE coffee box member, Luke, emailed in to say “I always thought I preferred South American coffees, but this is so delicious! I have also stopped using milk as it tastes so good without it!”

Another RISE coffee box member commented on our Instagram "ANOTHER incredible box this month🔥"

We also had a DM form RISE coffee box member Arianna saying "This Ethiopian coffee is sooo smooth. I love that it is bold and strong but also tastes so delicious!"

Here is a brew tip from Will, the Founder of Routes: 

Best enjoyed as a filter - here's a V60 recipe from Will! 

16g coffee, 93 degrees celsius 

Add 70ml water, let bloom

30sec, add 210ml water

1min 20sec, add 50ml water

2min 30sec Finish

We hope you enjoyed this Ethiopia specialty coffee by Routes coffee as much as we did. If you would like to buy more coffee online from Routes coffee then head to their website here

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