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4 of the best coffee roasters in Oxford (after tasting over 500 coffee – Rise Coffee

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4 of the best coffee roasters in Oxford (after tasting over 500 coffees!)

This is a shout out to all coffee lovers looking for the best coffee in Oxford. We are  Alice and Ben, and we started RISE because we wanted to discover the best independent roasters in the UK. We found the world of online coffee roasters a little hard to navigate and were tired of average over roasted and stale coffee that was available on supermarket shelves. Since 2020 we have taste tested over 500 coffees, from around 130 roasters in the last four years. Since we launched we have become the most exciting, unpretentious coffee club in the UK. An original RISE coffee subscriber recently reviewed us and said:

rise coffee box is rated 5 stars

"I have followed these guys from day one, since I was looking for a coffee subscription that offered a variety of indy speciality roasters each month, and there just weren’t any at the time. RiSE certainly deliver. Phenomenal coffees, brilliant service and I love the surprise treats in each box. It’s like opening Christmas each month. Best subscription I’ve ever ordered!"

Before we delve into the best coffee in the city of Oxford and the surrounding areas, we wanted to share a bit more about our process for selecting coffee. So, what do we look for when we choose the best coffee to go inside our RISE coffee box? First and foremost, every coffee roster we work with has to fill out a RISE sustainability and sourcing questionnaire which is reviewed directly by Alice and Ben, we then look out for these factors. If you would like to see how it works click here.

Criteria What we look for
Coffee bean quality We have a 4 step process of determining the quality of the coffee bean. We blind taste test all coffee in a cupping session alongside a variety of samples.  We have a head roaster gives their approval  We have a taste test panel of customers who try the coffee before it makes the box Alice and Ben select the coffee that has the highest quality. 
Responsibly Sourced coffee Each coffee roaster fills out a RISE questionnaire so we can understand how they source their coffee and whether the farmers are getting a fair price. We look at which importers they are using or whether they are sourcing via direct trade. 
Reputation How well respected is the roaster and how well known are they in the coffee scene? Reputation matters and we work with partners that have credible reputations in the coffee world. We look at what awards they have won (including Great Taste) and what reviews they have from past customers. Recent partners include Dear Green coffee, North Star coffee, and Danelaw. See all our partners here
Sustainability practices We look at what sustainability practises the coffee roaster has in place. This includes their packaging choices, how they handle waste, and whether they are B-Corp. We look for what accreditations they have including being Organic Certified, Fair Trade or Rainforest Association
Uniqueness  At RISE coffee box we are all about variety, discovery and uniqueness. We look for roasters that have a variety of coffee to offer from wonderful and different places. 


All coffee has been personally taste tested by us, Alice and Ben the founders of RISE. We have the privilege of working with coffee roasters from all over the UK and get to sample coffee from a variety of origins, flavour profiles and processing methods. It's a great job! We also have a taste test panel of customers who help us select the best coffee for our RISE coffee subscription box - drop us a message if you would like to be involved. 

We also look for coffee roasters that you can buy online that offer fast, free delivery for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. 

rise coffee box expertly picked coffee

In summary, does Oxford have good coffee?

Oxford is one of our favourite cities in the UK in 2024 for coffee. The roasters in this city are some of the best and three of which have featured in the RISE coffee box! including New Ground Coffee Routes Coffee, Jericho Coffee Traders, and Missing Bean Coffee. If you are from the Oxford area, there are a number of coffee shops for you to pop into or visit the roasteries of the coffee producers listed below. If you are looking to buy coffee online, then all the roasters below roast coffee to order to ensure maximum freshness and have subscription options available. 

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Below is our short guide to the best coffee shops in Oxford, some of which have featured in our RiSE COFFEE BOX or we've visited in person. If you're looking for recommendations for further afield, head over to our blog to read all about coffee roasters across the UK here

1. Missing Bean coffee 

Missing Bean are an old favourite of RISE coffee. They featured in our April 2022 box and you can buy their coffee online via our RISE online shop

Based in Oxford, the Missing Bean team are a growing family of passionate coffee lovers with 5 coffee shops. The business has been going for 11 years and was founded by Ori and Vicky, who both fell in love with coffee after being in Sydney (like Ben and I!). Our favourite coffee from Missing Bean is their 'Alta Verapaz', a Guatemalan which has recently been replaced by their Guatemalan Los Arroyos. Los Arroyos has notes of Stone-fruit, walnut & demerara sugar.
This washed coffee is produced by the Fedecovera cooperative which brings together over 33,000 producing families. This co-op plants or cultivates 4 million trees in the region each year. The coffee is best drank as Espresso, Stovetop, Cafetière but is fairly versatile!
The new Guatemalan on offer sounds just as good so go check it out! 
Missing Bean offer a variety of subscriptions and gift subscriptions if you are looking to order coffee online but we would recommend visiting one of their 5 cafes in the Oxford area. All serve up great coffee, delicious pastries and have a lovely relaxed atmosphere. 
Where to find Missing Bean Coffee in Oxford:

📍 1, Newtec Place, 66-72 Magdalen Rd, Oxford OX4 1RE

2. Jericho Coffee Traders

We love the founding story of Jericho coffee traders "The opportunity came in 2009 when we saw a beautiful Vespa 'tuk-tuk' for sale at the side of the road, and both thought: "That needs a coffee machine on the back of it!". So we became the proud new owners of a 49cc Italian trike! And Jericho Coffee Traders was born..."
- sometimes it is fate, right!? 

Fast forward to 2024 and Jericho coffee have five locations across Oxfordshire - all serving delicious espresso and filter coffees accompanied by locally made pastries and cakes. Alice stopped by in late 2023 and loved the place, definitely spare half an hour if you are ever in Oxford! 

They also have a diverse range of coffees in their online coffee subscription as well as a coffee school you can go to improve your at home barista skills!

We were lucky enough to feature a really unique coffee from Jericho coffee from Congo. Despite decades of challenges and decline to coffee exportation, specialty coffee is bringing new investment and hope to the Kivu region in DR Congo. The terroir provides an ideal environment for specialty arabica cultivation, with plentiful sunshine and rainfall, high elevations; and rich, fertile volcanic soils. Jericho partners with Virunga Coffee to source their beans, an organisation who has achieved international standards of organic certification and leads an organic partnership with over 2,300 smallholder coffee farmers, working with farmers to get them the tools and training they need. This special coffee is great as a filter or a funky espresso based drink.

Customers rate Jericho 4.92 out of 5 with over 500 reviews! 

"Great specialty coffee. Delivery is quick and easy with the subscription service and ground to exactly what we want for aeropress"

3. Routes coffee 

A lot of our coffee club members have been asking for a "light roast" coffee and this May (2024) we've given the people what they want with a light roast from Routes in the box. The Guji coffee from Ethiopia is a naturally processed fruity coffee was produced by smallholder producers in the Buku kebele (village). The Buku Abel village, where the washing station is located within the Guji zone, sits 2350 meters above sea level, representing one of the highest coffee producing altitudes that Routes have worked with. With tasting notes of chocolate, apricot and blueberry this is a coffee that we fell in love with. It is bold, strong, but well balanced with a fruity after taste. 

If you do get Routes coffee inside your RISE coffee box here is a brew tip for you from the founder, Will:

Best enjoyed as a filter
16g coffee, 93 degrees celsius 
Add 70ml water, let bloom
30sec, add 210ml water
1min 20sec, add 50ml water
2min 30sec Finish
You may have heard or seen Routes at the likes of Glastonbury, where they are a firm favourite coffee pop up! The business was born out of the founders spending time not only in Oz, but all over the world travelling and learning about coffee. These guys also have a coffee shop based in Oxford called Green Routes, definitely worth checking out if you're in this beautiful city!

Where to find Routes Coffee in Oxford:

📍Unit 5, Fenchurch Court, Bobby Fryer Cl, Oxford OX4 6ZN

4. New Ground Coffee Co (the only B-Corp on the list!)

Frequently asked questions about coffee in Oxford:

We love to answer any questions you have on coffee in Oxford, so do get in touch any time!

What is the Best Coffee in Oxford And Surrounding Areas? 

Tough one. The four roasters in this list are all exceptional. We would not hesitate to order coffee online from any of them! Routes Coffee are going in to our May 2024 coffee subscription box with their Ethiopian Guji which is absolutely delicious. An old favourite is Jericho Coffee Traders who have been around for a long time and have a lovely cafe in the city. All four have made it into the RISE coffee box and we would happily have them back again one day! Oxford has an abundance of great coffee roasters to choose from, in our opinion you wont be disappointed with whoever you choose. You find some of the others inside our RISE coffee box soon!


Are Coffee Roasters in Oxford Sustainable and Ethical?

The majority of specialty coffee roasters we came across whilst travelling around the UK looking for the best coffee and through our research were committed to delivering sustainable coffee through sourcing beans ethically via fair trade or direct trade, and ensuring environmentally friendly roasting processes. New Ground Coffee are a social enterprise and B-Corp so they stand out to us as the most ethical and sustainable roaster in Oxford. We only work with those that are, and checking a roasters website for reviews, awards and information on the farmer and the farm are critical to understand how they source their coffee. All coffee that features in the RISE coffee box subscription goes through vigorous testing to ensure they follow ethical practices.

Where Can I Buy Coffee Beans in Oxford?

You can buy coffee beans from a variety of coffee roasters and cafes, but the best ones are from Jericho Coffee Traders, New Ground Coffee, Routes Coffee and Missing Bean Coffee. You can buy via their cafes or roasteries or you can buy online as a one off order or subscription. 


How Do I Choose the Best Coffee Roaster from Oxford?

Choosing the right coffee beans to buy online involves thinking about things like the bean quality, how the coffee has been roasted, or whether the roaster is sustainable in their ethics. We would recommend looking at reviews from customers too. At RISE, you can order coffee beans in the comfort of your own home, knowing they will be premium quality, sustainably sourced and delicious because they have gone through the RISE taste testing - taking the hassle away from you having to source your own with the risk it may not be good quality. If you would like to buy coffee online yourself, look out for their sustainability practices, what variety they have on offer and whether the coffee is roasted to order. 

How Much Does a Bag of Coffee Cost in Oxford

Price of coffee can vary considerably when it comes to buying coffee from Oxford coffee roasters. Buying a bag of coffee online can prices, a bag of coffee can costs between £7 to £25+ for a 250g bag. Some rare coffees can be upwards of £25 per bag. But you should remember that the cost of a pack of coffee in Oxford, like in any city, can vary greatly depending on a number of factors including quality, origin etc. At RISE our 4 bag box is £38 making it exceptional value. We would avoid any coffee below £9 per 250g as we do not believe the coffee can be sourced, roasted, packaged and sold at this cost without compromising on quality or paying the farmers fairly. 

Can I Buy Coffee Beans Directly from Coffee Roasters in Oxford?

All coffee roasters there offer coffee beans online to buy. Many are delivered via letterbox friendly boxes or you can discover new coffee from Oxford and other cities inside your RISE coffee box. 
At RISE coffee box subscription we travel the UK to find the best cup of coffee and I hope you enjoyed our guide on the best coffee roasters in Oxford UK which we recently wrote.  
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4 of the best coffee roasters in Oxford (after tasting over 500 coffee