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Its that time of year again as RISE coffee box head up to Nottingham for the Notts coffee festival. One of our favourite coffee festivals takes place inside St Marys Church in Nottingham City Centre. The event is run by Matt and Josh and this year took place on Saturday 21st October 2023. Read all about The Notts Coffee festival 2022 here 

The main things we look for when trying to find the best coffee that cities have to offer is the quality of the coffee itself, how it has been sourced (has it been responsibly sourced?), the vibe inside the cafe and how knowledgable the staff are. 

As we've just spent time in Nottingham, we thought we would take a look at some of our favourite specialty coffee roasted in this city. 

Why visit Nottingham?

Nottingham is a captivating city with a rich history, making it a prime destination for travellers. Its iconic castle, once home to Robin Hood, and the enchanting Sherwood Forest, are must-see attractions. The city's vibrant cultural scene includes world-class theatres and the annual Nottingham International Film Festival as well as an abundance of bars and cafes. Visitors can explore the historic Lace Market district (where the festival was hosted!) and enjoy excellent shopping opportunities. Furthermore, its central location makes it an ideal hub for exploring the rest of England. With diverse dining options and a warm atmosphere, Nottingham offers a unique and delightful experience for tourists, blending history, culture, and modernity.

Does Nottingham have a good coffee scene?

Yes, Nottingham has a thriving coffee scene that has gained recognition for its quality and diversity. The city is home to numerous coffee shops and cafes, many of which serve artisanal coffee, offer unique blends, and provide cozy atmospheres for coffee enthusiasts. Notable establishments like 200 Degrees Coffee, Wired Cafe Bar, and Cartwheel Cafe and Roastery have contributed to Nottingham's reputation for excellent coffee. Whether you're seeking a classic cappuccino or a specialty brew, Nottingham's coffee scene caters to a range of preferences, making it a destination worth exploring for coffee lovers. Here's a look at some of our favourites...

Cartwheel Cafe and Roastery

Where is it? 16 Low Pavement, Nottingham NG1 7DL, UK

Opening Hours: 

  • Monday 9am - 4pm
  • Tuesday 9am - 4pm
  • Wednesday 9am - 4pm
  • Thursday 9am - 4pm
  • Friday 9am - 4pm
  • Saturday 9am - 4pm
  • Sunday 9am - 4pm
Why we love Cartwheel coffee:

Cartwheel not only freshly roast their coffee but they are committed to traceable sourcing and sustainable roasting of the world's best coffees. The team are super knowledgable about where the coffee comes from and are keen to educate the customer on what they are drinking. 

Their carefully crafted menu us seasonal with locally sourced ingredients. The freshly baked pastries are delicious! 

Cartwheel coffee roasters

200 Degrees Coffee Shop

Where is it? 16 Flying Horse Walk, Nottingham NG1 2HN, UK 

Why we love 200 Degrees coffee shops:

There are over 20 coffee shops in the Midlands now run by 200 degrees. The Nottingham based shop is housed in a beautiful 17th Century coaching Inn and is a nice sanctuary to stop by and have a coffee in a quiet setting.

Winner: Best for Working out of the Office
Runner-up: Best Coffee Shop in Britain

Opening Hours: 

  • Monday 8 am–8 pm
  • Tuesday 8 am–8 pm
  • Wednesday 8 am–8 pm
  • Thursday 8 am–8 pm
  • Friday 8 am–8 pm
  • Saturday 9 am–8 pm
  • Sunday 10am - 6pm
200 degrees coffee shop

Outpost Coffee Roasters

Where is it? 2 Stoney St, Nottingham NG1 1LG, UK

Why we love Outpost coffee:

These guys are seriously cool. 

Outpost is a small, independent & focused specialty coffee roastery based in Nottingham. They are a group of specialty coffee lovers on a journey, not too dissimilar to the one you’re probably on right now. They love learning about coffee and passing on that wisdom to their customers.


Outpost coffee shop nottingham

Stewarts Coffee Roasters

Where is it? 2 Stoney St, Nottingham NG1 1LG, UK

Why we love Stewarts coffee:

We are big fans of Stewarts, and featured their specialty coffee in our RISE coffee subscription in February 2023 and their coffee is available to buy on our online shop

At time of writing their coffee of the month was a single origin El Salvador, Los Nogales with tasting notes of nutty notes, developing through to peach, pear and blackberry.

Their story starts with Nottingham coffee visionary Stewart Falconer, hand roasting coffee in the 80’s, before the word “artisan” even existed. His vision was to make good coffee in the norm, not the exception and now has the roastery, cafe and also holds workshops in Nottingham. 

stewarts coffee nottingham


Punch cafe

Where is it? 215 Mansfield Rd, Nottingham NG1 3FS

Why we love Punch cafe:

Punch Coffee opened in early 2022 on Mansfield Road, Nottingham and and they offer not only a great coffee but an unreal chocolate brownie too. While the slow trek up the hill is not the easiest at the best of times, it's worth it for the promise of something from Punch at the top.

The cafe is the creation of a group four friends and the cafe has a very chilled laid-back vibe. A great spot for people watching onto the busy street. The coffee is great and so are the toasties! 

It is up a slight hill, but the journey will be worth it! 

Opening Hours: 

  • Monday  8 am – 4pm
  • Tuesday  8 am – 4 pm
  • Wednesday  8 am – 4 pm
  • Thursday  8 am – 4pm
  • Friday  8 am – 4pm
  • Saturday 8 am - 4pm
  • Sunday 8 am - 4pm

 Punch cafe nottingham

Check the team out on Instagram 

If you are heading up to this old market city, check out one of our favourite coffee roasters and try one of their delicious coffees in their cafes. All are walking distance from the centre. 

Notts coffee festival 

The 2023 Notts Coffee Festival is a vibrant celebration of all things coffee in Nottingham. This annual event showcases the city's thriving coffee culture, featuring local and international roasters, baristas, and coffee enthusiasts. Attendees can savour artisanal brews, participate in workshops, and enjoy live music and food offerings. It's a must-visit for coffee lovers seeking to explore the diverse world of coffee in Nottingham.

At RISE we travel the country to find the best coffee for our friendly coffee subscription and we always love heading into Nottingham for a cup of coffee. 

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