10 Best Coffee Gifts For Coffee Lovers UK 2023

Here at Rise coffee box, we can’t think of anything better than waking up to the smell of freshly roasted specialty coffee. Coffee lovers, like us, love the smell of coffee, the discovery of new beans from local independent coffee roasters. We love exploring and enjoying new origins and tasting notes. We also love constantly upgrading our coffee equipment and coffee set up! If you are fearing this could be a tricky person to buy for, fear not. Alice and Ben at Rise coffee box have compiled a list of the perfect coffee gifts for any coffee lover. Here you will find our favourite Rise coffee gift subscription service, some of our favourite coffee bags perfect for stocking fillers, coffee equipment including espresso coffee machines and coffee grinders.  

Read on to find the perfect coffee gift. All Rise coffee boxes come with personalised handwritten gift notes too! 

Firstly, finding the best coffee gifts for coffee lovers involves considering their preferences, lifestyle, and the type of coffee-related items they might enjoy. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect coffee gift:

  • Understand Their Preferences:
    • Know their coffee preferences. Do they prefer espresso, drip coffee, French press, or other brewing methods? - if you are unsure we recommend whole bean, but the gift recipient can change anytime. 
    • Are they into single-origin coffee beans, or blends? Brazilian or African coffee? Chocolatey or fruity flavours?
  • Brewing Equipment:
    • Identify their preferred brewing method and consider equipment upgrades or accessories. Examples include a new coffee maker, grinder, French press, pour-over set, or Aeropress.
    • High-quality burr grinders, precision scales, and temperature-controlled kettles make great gifts for coffee enthusiasts.
  • Subscription Services:
    • Sign them up for a coffee subscription service that delivers fresh beans to their door - the Rise coffee box is the best way to try new coffee. 
  • Coffee Accessories:
    • Explore accessories like stylish coffee mugs, travel mugs, or reusable cups.
    • Coffee-related art, posters, or wall decor can add a personal touch to their coffee corner.
  • Books and Literature:
    • Consider coffee-related books, such as those on coffee brewing techniques, the history of coffee, or coffee culture.
    • Coffee table books with beautiful photography can be both informative and visually appealing in any home. 
  • Gift Cards:
    • If you're unsure about specific preferences, a gift card to a reputable coffee shop or an online coffee retailer allows them to choose their own items. The Rise digital gift card allows spending anywhere on site. 
  • Coffee Courses or Workshops:
    • Enrol them in a coffee brewing class or workshop to enhance their skills and knowledge.
  • Coffee Gadgets:
    • Explore innovative coffee gadgets like a milk frother, coffee scale with a timer, or a coffee bean subscription that offers a curated selection of beans each month.

Our top 10 coffee gifts are

1. Rise coffee gift subscription service.

As GQ said “Made for the caffeine-obsessed, RiSE Coffee Box is a monthly subscription box that will make sure you don’t lose that coffee-induced buzz any time soon. Each month RiSE blind tastes and selects coffee from the very best coffee roasters, to showcase the highest quality specialty coffee they can find. With stories of their roasting partners and farmers, tasting notes and recipes, you’ll even have something interesting and informative to read while it brews” 

The Rise coffee subscription is rated 4.9/5 on TrustPilot with over 100 reviews. Not only does this coffee subscription feature some of the best UK coffee roasters, 1% of all sales is given back to coffee growing communities through the Friendly Coffee Fund. The box is made from recycled materials and plastic free. 

Choose from a one off box or set your gifting duration, whatever suits you

From £21.50 depending on numbers of coffee bags and frequency. 

Rise coffee gift subscription service

2. Rise coffee and chocolate box 

For the chocolate and coffee lovers in your life, gift them a coffee and chocolate hamper you know they’ll enjoy. The Coffee and Chocolate Lover Gift Box includes freshly roasted, premium specialty coffee, Montezuma’s chocolate treats, brew guides and tasting notes. 

Price £24 - including delivery and personalised, handwritten gift note

3. Conscious coffee single origin coffee

This banging house espresso is sourced directly (via direct trade) from two small scale producers in Peru. One family, the Castro family, is based in the Andes Mountains and recently transitioned from producing sugar cane spirit, to specialty coffee. The other producer is actually made up of five producers from the Santa Tera District who worked in partnership with a bee conservation NGO, Bee Cause We Care 365. 

We love finding new UK coffee roasters who are making waves in the coffee scene. Conscious are one of the most traceable coffee roasters out there, making it super clear on their website as to what they pay their farmers. The coffee is also exceptional. 

Price £9.50 - bargain for banging coffee!  

4. Hario Buono v60 power kettle with temperature adjustment

This Hario kettle with temperature adjustment is perfect for any coffee enthusiast looking to improve their coffee game. 

The Hario Buono V60 Electric Kettle has a beautiful shape and will not take up too much space in the kitchen. A stylish ergonomic design also means that the Hario Buono V60 Electric Kettle can easily fit into any kind of environment at home. Small details matter in specialty coffee and even a temperature difference of 1℃ changes the taste of pour-over coffee. With this kettle you can adjust the temperature in intervals of 1℃ from 50 ℃ to 96 ℃ to brew the perfect pour-over coffee.

Price £220 - seriously worth it. 

Hario coffee kettle

5. Sage Barista Express Impress espresso machine

Feeling generous? This is the ultimate coffee gift for any coffee lover! 

Create fifth-wave speciality coffee at home from bean to espresso in less than a minute. The best of the Sage Barista Express with the Impress™ Puck System. It helps you to achieve the perfect dose and a precise tamp while reducing the grinds on the machine and bench top. This machine looks slick, fits perfectly into any stylish kitchen and is one of the best espresso machines on the market! 

Price £719 with a 2 year warranty included. 

Sage espresso machine

6. Rise coffee digital gift card 

Do you know they love coffee but just unsure of the what gift will suit them? Then the Rise coffee digital card is the perfect choice for you. 

RiSE coffee box Email Gift Cards are a fantastic new way to give your best coffee-friends the gift of coffee.

Just like any other gift card or voucher you may have used before, they are great for when you know the recipient likes coffee but you don’t know the exact types (lots of options in coffee!) The gift card gives them the opportunity to pick the coffee option that suits them best. 

This means you never have to worry about giving them something they might not like. All you have to do is send them the gift card by email, it couldn’t be easier and it can all be done on the day you need the gift for, great if you are a last minute gift buyer!

Starting from £20. Rise coffee box digital gift card

7. The decaf Rise coffee box

Do you know a decaf coffee lover? Decaf is as popular as ever with people reducing their caffeine intake for various reasons such as health changes, medical reasons, pregnancy or just for evening enjoyment. 

The Rise decaf coffee box is the same as our award winning Rise coffee box except all the coffee inside is decaf. Enjoy our same great roasters, just without the caffeine. This box has the added option of being able to select ‘half half’ for those wanting less caffeine. 

Starting from £23. 

Decaf Rise coffee box

8. The coffee starter kit 

Are you looking for the perfect coffee gift for someone new to the world of specialty coffee? Then our Rise coffee starter kit could be a perfect option for you. The box comes with a bag of ground coffee for cafetiere, a 3 cup (330ml) cafetiere, a cafetiere brew guide as well as all the added extras of our Rise coffee box. A great easy way to start enjoying great coffee at home. 

Price £24 with handwritten  personalised gift note. 

Rise coffee starter kit

9. Loveramics mugs

We love these and a great present for any coffee lover in your life. 

This special edition comes with all 3 Loveramics Brewers pour over coffee drippers in pink! The stand in rose-gold, and the tall glass jug presented in a gift box. If your gift recipient is a fan of pour over drip coffee, then this is a great way to enjoy delicious coffee in beautifully designed pour over mugs. 

Loveramics pour over mugs

10. Rise coffee and beauty box

One of our most popular gift boxes. We have teamed up with Upcircle beauty who repurpose used coffee grounds and create award winning coffee beauty products. The Coffee and Beauty Gift Box includes freshly roasted coffee, a wax candle from Upcircle, a citrus blend face scrub and loads more.

Price £28

Rise coffee beauty box

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