Top 5 coffee shops on the Kent Coast

Best coffee shops to visit upon your trip to the Kent Coast. 

Are you heading to the garden of England and looking for where you can find the best coffee spots? Head to one of these 5 cafes! 

Bens all time favourite is Fortes cafe and two long time favourites of RISE who featured in our 2022 boxes are &Bloss and Curve! 

5. Bojangles coffee house

Bojangles Coffee House is a small independent coffee shop situated in the centre of Dunton Green, Kent. Their coffee is made with a blend of the finest Arabicas from Brazil, Peru and Uganda with citrus undertones and full bodied flavour, whilst their cakes use fresh and high quality ingredients to ensure they please any customer that walks in.

Bojangles coffee house

4. &Bloss Coffee Roastery

Another RiSE box fave. Bloss has a coffee roastery in Ashford, Kent that also contains a public in-house coffee shop (shown to the left). If you are looking for hand roasted coffee beans, Bloss Coffee Roastery is worth a visit where their beans are freshly roasted on site and you might be able to catch a glimpse of the roasting process of their fine beans.

&Bloss coffee roasters

3. Funicular coffeehouse

Based right on the beach in beautiful Broadstairs, Funicular have a wide range of speciality drinks and scrumptious treats to enjoy alongside the surreal sea views. From delightful, quality coffee, to amazing cinnamon buns, everything is to love about Funiculars.

funicular cafe kent

2. Fort’s cafe, Margate

Fort’s is a relaxed seafront café in Cliftonville and just a short walk from Margate. Known for its great breakfast, Fort’s serves proper, home-cooked food, we tried the Korean Fried chicken sandwich which was banging! They also serve Assembly coffee, UE Coffee roasters and their own blend “Naughty Boi” which they created with Origin Coffee roasters.

Forts coffee roasters UK


1. Curve Coffee Roasters, Margate

Curve Coffee is a quality-driven coffee roastery based in Margate, Kent. Their promise is to bring all customers delicious coffees in a way that benefits the producers and they certainly achieve this! With an emphasis on ethics, Curve strives to work in a way that allows them to produce excellent, seasonal coffees that protect livelihoods and the environment. They have a cafe open everyday, and it sure is worth a visit for a cuppa.

curve coffee roasters margate UK

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