Top 10 coffee roasters in Northern Ireland

You may be visiting Northern Ireland for its UNESCO World Heritage sites and other natural wonders, but if you’re reading this, you probably want to know where you can find the best coffee in Northern Ireland. Below is a top 10 guide to the best coffee roasters in Northern Ireland, some of which have featured in our RiSE COFFEE BOX

As coffee lovers, we have been on a thrilling journey across the UK discovering some of the best coffee the UK has to offer. Our journey has taken us to all corners of the country from Northern Ireland, to Wales, up to Scotland and down through London and the South. We are due to explore more of the UK later this year..

We look for high quality coffee beans, as well as ethical and responsibly sourced beans from coffee roasters who truly care about the coffee. We have a 5 step process in selecting our coffees which includes: 

  • We source coffee beans to taste test from across the UK 
  • We hold regular blind cupping sessions to taste test the best coffee
  • Our in house head roaster gives their views
  • Our Rise taste test panel of customers tell us what they think
  • Ben and Alice give the final go ahead and select the coffee for the box

Northern Ireland and Belfast in particular is a hotspot for discovering amazing coffee roasters, with a number of roasters really excelling in their craft. We are really excited about this city and the coffee it has to offer. Without further ado, see our Top 10 roasters below.


RISE coffee box shop best coffee in the UK


10. Established Coffee

You will be able to find Established Coffee at their Belfast cafe:

  • 54 Hill Street, Belfast, BT1 2LB

These guys have a fantastic range of coffee from their Cohetando Colombian through to exciting honey anaerobic Honduran called Rosalina Ramos. 

Established coffee are really that, established. Very well respected in the specialty coffee industry and hold regular coffee throw downs with Oatly.  

Established coffee is an online community brimming with coffee expertise, knowledge and passion. You won't get a bad brew here. 

Established coffee roasters best coffee in Northern Ireland

9. Drop Hopper Coffee

You will be able to find Drop Hopper Coffee across three Belfast locations:

  • Coffee bar and store: Unit 5 St George's Market, Oxford Street, Belfast, BT1 3LA
  • St George Coffee Cart Belfast: 12 - 20 East Bridge Street, Belfast, BT1 3NQ
  • Roastery and Espresso bar: Unit 3 Masonsfield Business Park, Kilmore Village, Crossgar, BT30 9HP

These guys know quality. You can find them tucked away in St George's market square. Their coffee is ground fresh and sourced from a variety of regions that changes regularly. Drop Hopper coffee have been working with their suppliers around the globe since 1998 and were one of the first in Ireland to pioneer coffee carts. 

Their coffee roaster is a great spot in Kilmore is open to customers and the general public are invited in to relax and try any of their coffee before you buy.

At the time of writing Drop Hopper Coffee had a Mexican single origin called Finca Muxbal. This is a washed coffee with tasting notes of sweet honey and buttery peach... yum.


drop hopper coffee northern ireland belfast


8. Belfast Coffee Roasters 

You can find Belfast Coffee Roasters at:

Situated right in Belfast's bustling centre since 2018, the Belfast Coffee Roasters isn't just another coffee place. They're on a mission: bringing ethically sourced, top-notch coffee from every coffee-loving corner of the globe straight to you.

Belfast Coffee roast in small, daily batches - ensuring that your order lands on your doorstep as fresh as humanly possible. There motto is fair, different, delicious. 

Their Brazil was a finalist for the Irish Quality food and drink awards 2023! Well done team! 

7. Causeway Coffee 

You can find Causeway coffee at:

  • Unit 7 Taggarts Yard, 18 Meetinghouse Street, Ballymoney Northern Ireland, BT53 6JN 

Not founded by Barista champions, but by Chris and Graham two coffee lovers who wanted to bring delicious cafe quality coffee into peoples homes. 

Why is it called Causeway coffee? We are from the north coast of Northern Ireland, which is home to the Giant's Causeway. Seems a perfect fit. 

Causeway coffee have a range of coffee available from flexi subscriptions to coffee tasting boxes. They also have a range of blends and single origins to choose from. 

Gold Winners at Blas na heireann Irish Food Awards in 2020, 2021 & 2022. UK Taste Award winner 2021, 2022 & 2023. They were also recently awarded Great Taste Producer status. 

causeway coffee northern ireland

6. White Star Coffee 

Where to find White Star Coffee:

  • Unit 1 & 5, 17 Balmoral Rd, Belfast BT12 6QA 

White Star coffee are a bit mysterious online, with their website only showcasing their range of coffee. They are less elusive on Instagram and you can follow their journey here

5. SD Bell & Co 

Where to find SD Bell & Co in Belfast:

  • 512-516 Upper Newtownards Rd, Knock, Belfast BT4 3HB

When tracing the roots of Belfast's coffee scene, SD Bell & Co Ltd is a roaster that can't pass you by. They have been on the scene since 1887. Yes 1887! That makes them educators in coffee and tea.  

Nestled away in Belfast, their legacy stretches over four generations, making them the city's oldest independent tea merchant and coffee roaster.

Their coffee origins and options take you on a real journey - from the best Arabica sourced from coffee farms in Kenya and Ethiopia to Central and South America. They know their coffee from across generations and have some fantastic blends and single origins. 

SD Bell & Co also have a range of Great Taste awards you can check out here 

4. Root and Branch Coffee

Located inside an old linen mill in Belfast, this cafe run by Root and Branch, is a top-notch coffee roastery buzzing with atmosphere. It is in an awesome spot, located next to a bunch of indy businesses all bringing good vibes. 

Not only do we love their coffee, their packaging shows off this artisanal feel and their love of craft products. The packaging is cool and different, with beans inside a craft beer can. Not only does it catch the eye it is eco friendly and recyclable.  

They have a variety of coffee from Colombia, and a few African origins such as Kenya and Ethiopia. We are big fans of African coffee here at RISE, with our house brew being a single origin Ugandan - so we are glad to see others championing coffee from this region. 

Root and Branch offers great coffee and edgy packaging. We would recommend there specialty coffee for the more sophisticated coffee connoisseur as it may be a little overwhelming to a newbie.

3. Wild Heart Coffee Roasters 

Where can you find Wild Heart coffee:

  • Newtownards, Northern Ireland

 Banging brews. Ethical vibes. Community focused. 

This is how Wild Heart describe themselves, and this shows in the coffee they select. The quality of the coffee on their website is incredibly high with coffee such as Diego Bermudez Geisha from Colombia (an anaerobic washed). We haven't yet featured Wild Heart inside the RISE coffee box, but one to watch out for. 

2. Process Coffee

Can you get any cooler than Process coffee?

The coffee supply rotate super regularly as they showcase new releases and rep the roasters they are most hyped on. Each rotation will include a limited stock of coffee so pre order is advised through the Stay Stocked Subscription Box. 

1. Bailies Coffee Roasters

You can find Bailies in Belfast here: 

  • 27 Stockmans Way, Belfast, BT9 7ET

Having worked with Bailies Coffee Roasters a number of times, they are quickly becoming a RISE hero partner. You can buy their coffee on repeat here and their Ethiopian is a huge hit! 

Bailies has been featured by us before and we absolutely love the ethos of this roastery! Bailies are a specialty coffee roaster based in Belfast, Northern Ireland with a desire to craft world-class coffee experiences that honour the skilled labour of our farming partners across the globe with dignity and fairness. They pride themselves on fostering ethical, sustainable, long-term relationships with some of the world’s finest coffee farmers and their communities.
The coffee we last featured was their Brazil, Sao Sailvestre. This natural coffee has unique tasting notes and although it's natural and fruity, it's actually been roasted for Espresso which makes it super versatile. The coffee is grown on the Sao Silvestre farm bu the Andrade family, who have been producing coffee for over 100 years! Bailies have partnered with this coffee farm directly for almost 10 years and know the family and their farm really well. Tasting Notes of Hazelnut, Strawberry & Overripe Grape
Bailies coffee belfast


What is the best coffee in Belfast?

There is such a great range of coffee in Belfast it is hard to pick the "best" - however here at RISE we love Bailies coffee. The range of diverse, carefully selected and sourced beans and small batch roasting process delivers coffees that our RISE coffee box base has enjoyed every time. 

Where to buy coffee beans in Belfast?

If you're looking for where to buy coffee in Belfast, I would select one above that tickles your fancy or take a look on our RISE roaster shop page and see if any of the ones we have selected take your fancy. Each roaster sells their coffee online, in their cafe or pop by the roastery. 

How Much Does a Bag of Coffee Cost in Belfast?

The price of coffee beans in the Belfast coffee roastery scene do vary based on quality and origin. You can expect to pay between £8-14 per bag of coffee. Our RISE coffee box is priced at £24 including delivery which includes 500g of coffee, extra treats, info to read while it brews and the delivery cost! 

Who are the most popular coffee roasters in Belfast?

Some well-loved coffee roasters in Belfast include Bailies, Root & Branch, and Established Coffee. Each roaster brings a unique flavour and experience to Belfast's coffee scene, creating a truly diverse and exciting coffee culture.

How ethical and sustainable are the coffee roasters in Belfast?

Indeed, many top Belfast coffee roasters, particularly Bailies and Drop Hopper coffee make ethical and responsibly sourcing key to their mission. At RISE we only partner with coffee roasters who complete our sustainability survey and meet our high standards. 

How do I choose the right coffee roaster for me in Belfast?

Selecting the right beans roasted in Belfast requires considering the variety of coffee they offer, their commitment to sustainability, the quality of the beans, reviews from other customers, and your taste preferences. 


If you're hunting for the best coffee in Belfast, you have a huge range of cafes, coffee roasters and coffee carts to choose from. There is such a great variety that to find something that suits you. 

You have been on a journey of Belfast now it is time to explore these best coffee roasters across the UK.

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