Why RISE love MOMA oat drinks

It’s July 2023, and RiSE coffee box have teamed up with Moma Oat Drinks! In our opinion, this is a match made in coffee and alternative milk heaven! We have been planning this for a little while now and excited to work alongside MOMA, who share in our sustainable ethos and are proudly British made. In every RiSE coffee box throughout the month of July, we will be be including a full 1 litre carton of MOMA's delicious British Made Barista Oat Drink, as well as a delicious summer inspired Oat Latte recipe for you to enjoy 😋

We hope you love the extra large coffee box this month and can't wait to hear your feedback! 

who are moma oat drinks?

MOMA Foods are definitely one of the original Oat Pioneers here in the UK. You may know them from their epic porridge pots that launched almost 15 years ago. Founder Tom became frustrated with the lack of healthy breakfast options on the market, especially for busy people on the go. Oats are known for keeping you full for longer and this became his key ingredient. Tom began sampling the oat porridge at his breakfast stall in Waterloo Station and launched in Waitrose three years later in 2009. Now, 15 years later, they have a range of porridge, oat drinks, bircher muesli and granola. They continue to painstakingly test their oat drink recipes and have won multiple Great Taste awards, most recently in 2022.

We love that MOMA oat drinks use high quality British sourced products and care about people and the planet.

What is oat milk?

Alternative milks have become increasing popular recently with people shifting away from dairy and cows milk. So what is oat milk? Oat milk is essentially soaked porridge oats that have been blended with high quality filtered water as well as sea salt and olive oil. Depending on the brand you buy there is likely to also be added vitamins and minerals, such as D3 and B2. MOMA have doubled down on the good stuff adding calcium, iodine and vitamins D3, B2 & B12. There is now a huge range of oat milks available on the shelves, such as Barista oat milk, semi skinned and whole oat.


At RiSE coffee box, we pick our partners very carefully to ensure they have the same values and ethics as us when it comes to sourcing products from farmers, protecting the planet and producing high quality products for people to enjoy.

Olive magazine gave MOMA an 8.5/10 in their “Best Oat Milk” taste test, which was an incredibly high score. They also won their best in porridge category and best semi-skimmed alternative milk category. Our favourite coffee magazine Caffeine magazine also voted MOMA number 1 in their recent Oat Drink taste test, which was taste tested by experts and readers alike. At RiSE coffee box we love the variety MOMA has and they have great options for your morning breakfast as well as making your coffee with. The Barista Oat drink is really rich and creamy with a nice brown colour. It has a delightful sweet smell which is nice considering it is unsweetened! It’s full body, works fantastically in coffee, foams really well and if you are good at your latte art the thick brown creaminess helps creating a lovely finished cup.

What is Moma oat drink made from and is it healthy?

MOMA are very proud of the quality of the wholegrain jumbo oats they use, and the reasons for the creamy think texture, leaving a full bodied flavour. Each litre of Oat drink has 10% oats which is reasonable compared to other brands. They use all three parts of the grain which ensures they get the most fibre, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals from the oat.

Oats are a great source of vitamin B6 and folic acid. Vitamin B6 helps the body to use and store energy from food, which is why oats are perfect morning fuel. They also contain folic acid which helps the function of your immune system.

The soluble fibre found in oats called Beta-Glucan, is no one trick pony. As well as aiding digestion, it also helps to lower cholesterol and promote heart health.

Oats also contain more soluble fibre than any other grain, helping to keep your digestive system healthy.


The MOMA oat drink packaging is widely recycled and they even ditched plastic lids in 2019 (saving 6000 kgs of plastic). They are always innovating and testing and they are currently trialling recyclable alternatives for all of their packaging.

MOMA really care about where our food comes from and they sources the best quality British wholegrain oats from farmers across the country.

One other initiative we love is their school breakfast clubs, which so far have provided over 45,000 breakfasts to school children across the UK.

They also focus heavily on reducing food waste, which is a huge problem, so to avoid contributing to this problem they work closely with Fareshare and other food charities to ensure our products don’t go to waste but instead support people living in food poverty.


Every month, RiSE coffee box including a fun new recipe for you to try! And July’s recipe is oat inspired, of course!

How to make a Oat Iced Latte

What you will need:

85 grams of coarsely ground coffee - grab a grinder here if needed

1 litre of room temperature water

A good splash of MOMA Barista Oat Drink

Paper coffee filter

Jar or container (cafetière will work too!)


Grind your coffee to coarse grind (or use ready-made ground coffee)

Add your ground coffee to the water in a jar, container or cafetière, give it a good stir

Steep for at least 12 hours in the fridge

Pour through a paper filter (or plunge your cafetière)

A splash of MOMA Barista Oat Drink and a few ice cubs



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