A Q&A with our first coffee pal, entrepreneur and all round great guy, Andy Wells

Andy wells founder of press coffee herne hill

Andy Wells Founded what is now Press coffee & Co back in 2010 after being disillusioned working and training for various coffee chains, sensing a rise in the value of speciality coffee shops, he decided to start his journey.

What was it about coffee that first made you want to get involved in the industry?

To be honest I joined Starbucks at 22 as a manager not even liking or knowing anything about coffee, after starting on the milky sugary drinks it probably took about 15 years and different roles to appreciate the best coffee and brew methods.

The industry back then was at its boom time but specialty wasn’t really getting much traction in the market. The chains were promoting the coffee house culture and that local feel in central London attracted me to the industry .

What's been your biggest learning since you've been in the industry?

What good coffee should be! And that coffee professionals know how to deliver the best results!

What is your favourite part of the coffee journey - from sourcing beans to serving customers in your cafes?

When we’ve chosen a new coffee, the pour over after the first roast is always exciting to see how the coffee translates  n a real cup.

Talk us through your favourite coffee right now, why is it your favourite?

Our Press Blend roast has recently been tweaked by our Head roaster to be a little more floral and is coming out super tasty as a short black!

Now businesses (including yours) are reopening, what are you most looking forward to?

Untimely we want to see our staff and customers together again enjoy what they do, this may be a while of .

In the roastery we want share our knowledge by welcoming other coffee shops into our space so they are able to roast for themselves and reduce some costs in this tricky time.

press coffee and co

A little more about Press Coffee & Co

The Fleet Street Press was born in 2013 with the aim to redefine the cafe experience with quality products, service and speed to suit the city of London’s busy needs.

Since then we added 2nd opening site on Chancery Lane and then our exciting collaboration and residence in Framestore. Our latest coffee shop additions are based in Fulham Market Hall and Victoria Market Hall where we are serving our coffee alongside some of London's best artisanal eateries.

Simone Dessi joined us in 2016 as Head of Coffee as we brought our coffee sourcing and roasting in house with a 3 year residency at the Tate Britain roastery. As well as numerous barista training certificates Simone has then pushed his learning to recently become a certified Q grader.

In 2019 we opened own Roastery in Herne Hill, London where we are roasting for retail, online shops and wholesale customers. Press coffee & co focus on sourcing the highest quality coffee, from some of the most exciting and progressive coffee producing regions in the world.

Our latest project involves inviting likeminded shops and business to share our space either by slot or contract roasting enabling them to develop their own brand with our expertise.  

Go visit Press in London!

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