How to throw a doggie-friendly coffee morning!

coffee and dogs

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As winter approaches, we are packing away our picnic blankets, and pulling out the brollies. We are shuffling off our flip flops, in favour of the slippers. We are picking up the coffee instead of the...well...we were always drinking coffee. Something that always warms us up is having a few friends over for a steaming cuppa. But we wondered, how could we share a coffee morning with our dogs? Let's have a think...


The central element of any coffee morning is, of course, great quality coffee! Sadly our canine friends can not consume any caffeine at all, but what could refresh them just as much? Have you heard of dog friendly tea? They really exist!  Our doggies can enjoy a cosy cuppa just as much as we can, check out these teas from Woof&Brew. PG Tips even had their own limited edition dog-friendly tea bag. Just remember not to serve hot, keep it a cold brew!

dog friendly tea bags

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Of course, as we sip our wonderfully fresh coffee, we need something to nibble on. We love a little bit of choccie with our coffee. That's why we often pair our coffee with chocolate from our partners in our monthly RiSE boxes! But...what about our furry friends? Find a snack that is a little bit special, so your pup can join you in the delight!  Why not use our recipe for a dog-friendly doughnut, or our dog friendly carrot cake

dog snacks

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Finally, what is a coffee morning without good company?! Chilling with friends and a cup of delicious coffee does us a world of good mentally and physiologically, but we all know that dogs are also fabulous for our well being! Bring the two together, and we think you’ll be having a wonderful time. Maybe your pup has some friends they would like to invite? Socialising is just as vital for dogs' mental and social development, as it is for us! Here are some tips for helping your doggie to make friends.  

So put the kettle on, grind those beans, shake out the kibble, and we wish you all the best with your dog-friendly coffee morning! 

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