Best coffee gifts for mother’s day 2023

Trying to find the best Mother's Day gift can be a daunting task, but don’t worry! We've got you covered with our list of top 10 gift ideas for 2023, all of which are coffee inspired (obviously!) and designed to suit a range of budgets. We’ve also outlined why a RiSE coffee box makes a good Mother’s Day gift, for the coffee-loving mums out there.

BUT FIRST, What are the 3 most common Mothers Day gifts?

Before we look at our list of top 10 gifts - let’s take a look at the top three most common Mother's Day gifts - and why they are so popular.

  1. Mother's Day cards. Did you know that around 30 Million of them sent each year? Mother’s Day cards are the go-to choice and all Mother’s expect some sort of card on the day. Cards come in all formats these days with some soppy, others hilarious, the choice is yours. If you haven’t yet got a card and are thinking of sending a RiSE coffee box (great idea) then this is the perfect time to mention that every RiSE coffee box gift contains a handwritten gift note, completely free! Just fill out your message before the checkout.

  2. Flowers: The most popular flowers given are Roses, Tulips, sunflowers and orchids - but the list is endless. We’re big fans of sunflowers in the RiSE household.

  3. Pampering gift sets: usually in the form of a gift voucher or gift certificate. Vouchers for a spa, hair salon, or a massage are great ways to treat and pamper someone.


Coffee is a great gift choice for Mother’s Day because your mum/mother/mama can enjoy the coffee for weeks after the day itself. In every RiSE coffee box we send up to 500g of coffee, which makes around 35-40 cups of coffee, so a RiSE coffee box really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Before you buy coffee for someone, it’s helpful to know how they drink their coffee. Luckily we offer our coffees as whole bean and in various grind types. if you aren’t sure, cafetiere ground is always a safe bet - everyone has a french press knocking around their kitchen somewhere!

When Should I purchase my coffee box for mother’s day? 

If you’re looking to send coffee for Mother’s Day, the best time to order is around two weeks before the big day. That way, you can be sure RiSE has enough time to have the coffee freshly roasted, rested and sent. This will also save you the worries of last-minute gift shopping.

However, if you are shopping last-minute, you’ll still have plenty of options to choose from and there’s always the option of a coffee e-gift card should you need to buy a present last minute.

What goes well with coffee as a gift for Mother’s Day?

We’ve had a think about some lovely gifts that go perfectly with a RiSE coffee box, to create the perfect Mother’s Day bundle. There is of course a range of sweet treats that go perfectly, our faves are chocolate from favourites Montezuma’s Chocolates, Juan Choconat and Seed & Bean. There’s also some gorgeous coffee table books such as the range from Assouline. Finally, any of the below gifts could be paired well with a RiSE coffee box.

We hope that you’ve been able to get a little inspired reading this article. Whatever you get them, we’re sure they’ll enjoy it!

10 Best Mothers Day Gifts

1. Coffee Subscription

Does the mother in your life love great coffee? If the answer is Yes, look no further. A RiSE coffee box is a fantastic way to explore some of the best UK coffee you will find. Run by Alice and Ben, who blind taste 100’s of coffee from 100’s of roaster to ensure only the best make it into the box. They ensure all partners are sustainable, adhere to fair wages and have a great ethos. There is no better coffee gift for your coffee loving mum. Check out our impact and sustainability here.

RiSE coffee box showcase the very best independent coffee roasters throughout the UK. We do not repackage the coffee in our own branding and tell the story behind every roaster and every farmer. We also include a free, personalised and handwritten gift note with every gift box. Check out our 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions which make the perfect gift - that keeps on giving!

Best coffee gifts for mothers day

2. Ceramic Coffee Mugs

We love, ‘Loveramics’ - the official mug of the Latte Art championships and World Barista championships.

Their award-winning ceramics collections include espresso, flat white, latte and cappuccino sized cups and matching saucers of the highest quality and durability - they also look great!

There are hundreds of other options out their in all shapes, sizes, and colours - for us, you can’t beat a handmade ceramic mug to drink your delicious brew at home. If you want to perfect your at home coffee brewing, then the mug your drink the coffee in is critical. Showing off your great coffee making skills to your friends wouldn’t work if you hand them a dodgy cup!

3. Coffee Teabags

Coffee bags work in the same way as tea bags. Boil, dunk and drink. The convenience is unrivalled and the taste has started to drastically improve since the likes of Taylors and Truestart have started using specialty coffee to improve the overall quality. This makes it an interesting mother’s day gift.

We love True Start coffee bags who are B Corp and Carbon negative!

More options here in our blog

Truestart coffee tea bags coffee gifts - rise coffee

4. Salted Espresso Martini Chocolate

Why not combine your mums two favourite things… Coffee and chocolate.

Why does coffee and chocolate go so well together? The main reason why is because the flavour profiles of chocolate and coffee are often described in the same way; floral, fruity, acidic, bitter, and rich.

These award-winning Salted Caramel Cocoa Vodka from Hotel Chocolat forms the basis of the velvety truffle centre. It’s malty toasted edge of cocoa and salted caramel accent provides the perfect balance of flavours from which this tipsy truffle evolves. We use real ground Turkish coffee which packs a powerful punch and provides an edgy contrast to the sink-in-and-lie-back dulce de leche notes of our signature caramel milk chocolate casing. Chocolate covered coffee beans are also delicious.

5. best gooseneck kettles

Let your mum know how much you love them, with one of these fancy a home gooseneck kettles.

Here at RiSE, we've been using a Gooseneck Kettle for the last 2 years and swear by it for making the best pour over coffee. If you like to enjoy your coffee using any pour over method (V60/Kalita or Chemex - some of the most popular pieces of equipment) then you'll need to invest in a gooseneck kettle. The big question is, Why? 

Read our blog here for more info and a few to choose from that you can gift as a mother’s day surprise.

Fellow kettle

6. E-gift card

Not sure what to get this year, and can’t decide? Well, a RiSE caffeinated E-Gift card will save the day. Our gift cards start from £10 and are delivered straight to your intended email inbox. They also do not expire so no need to worry about losing the value.

Your recipient can then select the coffee of their choice, depending on what they like. They may opt for a RiSE curated gift box or they can select from our online shop from roasters such as Perky Blenders, Girls who Grind or Cast Iron.

7. a new Cafetière

You can not go wrong with a timeless cafetière, a perfect mother’s day gift for any mum who likes to make a brew in the morning.

The cafetiere works using a plunger and a mesh filter to plunge the coffee into the bottom of the beaker (once it has brewed!) so you can pour the brew directly into your cup. Its a relatively quick process, to make a full bodied cup of coffee that is perfect for adding milk too. 

8. UPCIRCLE coffee beuaty products

We love Upcircle! This B-Corp, Vegan and Cruelty free certified company wasted coffee grounds to create fantastic skincare products. “We’ve now transformed more than 450 tonnes of the stuff into our sustainable skincare”

They have a range of products to suit anyone, from mature skin, acne, sensitive and dry skin.

upcircle beauty best coffee lovers gift for mothers day

9. TOPL reusable cup

Established in 2021, TOPL is a British drinking technology company setting out to change the way we drink on-the-go with a range of innovative reusable products.

Spill safe - If the cup topples, SpillSafe® tech kicks into action, snapping the lid shut to prevent serious spills.

Sustainable - Built to last in stainless steel. The double-wall insulated cup is durable for many journeys.

Sip - The 360° rim means it’s just like drinking from a normal cup or mug, with a regulated flow for easy sipping.

Smell - You can smell the aroma of the coffee while sipping. A complete sensation.


10. coffee dunkers biscuits

Made for Coffee Lovers that love to dunk. These seriously delicious Zesty Lemon & Stem Ginger COFFEE DUNKERS not only look fabulous but are delicious too and perfect to enjoy with an espresso, cappuccino, latte, americano, flat white, black, white, doppio, mocha or any other coffee you may enjoy.

Small batch made exclusively for us using only the finest ingredients in the UK.

coffee dunkers biscuits

did you find THE RIGHT Coffee Gift?

Some of the best coffee gift ideas for mother’s day are listed above. If you didn’t fin what you needed checkout more cool coffee gift ideas here :)

Whatever you decide to get the mother in you life, we hope you have a wonderful day spending time with loved ones and family.

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