Cast Iron Roaster

The Roaster

Cast Iron Coffee Roasters has been at the forefront of the Sussex speciality coffee scene since 2014. Cast Iron's goal is to make high end speciality coffees excusable to everyone. They do this by enhancing sweetness in the roasts and showcasing a wide range of origins, processing methods and flavour profiles. The community that surrounds coffee shops has not only been the main focus of their UK barista championship entries but is the core focus of the business as a whole.


The Coffee

Our featured coffee, Passiflora, is a washed coffee is from Planadas, south of a large town called Tolima that has traditionally struggled with drugs and poverty. However, in the last few years 35 farming families have banded together to build on a culture of coffee growing curiosity, and to repurpose their incredibly rich ecological heritage. They are now a cooperative producing organically specialty coffee that they can be proud of.


Colombia, Tolima


1900-2000 masl



Tasting notes: 

Chocolate, Hazelnuts and Orange


Why we like it: 

This super juicy Colombian coffee was a best seller on our online coffee ship throughout 2022 and is roasted by one of the best roasters in the country (Dom!) Give it a try!