Best coffee Christmas gifts 2021 (and still in 2023!)

Hello coffee lovers,

If you’re struggling this year for the perfect coffee Christmas gift, we’ve got you covered. This mini guide will take you through the most desirable Christmas inspired coffee gifts any coffee lover would appreciate this Christmas. 🎄

Updated Oct 2023


  1. RiSE coffee subscription box

What better way to start by talking about our own RiSE coffee box. Packed with two bags of speciality coffee, added details of why we selected these two incredible coffees for the special Christmas month and even an exquisite treat to keep the coffee lover/s ‘tamed’, our beloved RiSE coffee box packs a punch this Christmas for any loved one obsessed with coffee. 

rise coffee gift subscription perfect for christmas gifts for coffee lovers

2. Mr Blacks coffee liqueur

This one is not to be missed out, a great gift for any coffee addicts this Christmas! Filled with rich, magnificent flavours Mr Black Coffee Liqueur originates in Colombia, Kenya, Papua New Guinea and truly is the best coffee liqueur around. Packed in a slick stylish bottle this one classy gift to give this Christmas. 

Mr Black coffee liquer.png

3. UpCircle’s festive Christmas skincare box

Upcircle has transformed 350 tonnes of used coffee grounds to create unique and sustainable beauty products. With that, they have an outstanding ‘Festive Christmas collection box’ including a Chai Latte candle + more. Whether it is drinking coffee or reusing the grounds, any coffee lover would appreciate how amazing the concept of UpCircle is 🙏 

UpCircle’s festive Christmas skincare box

4. Keep cup reusable coffee cups

What is better than a coffee lover who also wants to help the environment? With KeepCup’s reusable coffee cups, you can choose from a range of colours and specific qualities to design your own reusable coffee cup. Whether you want a big cup or a small cup, KeepCup offers many sizes, plus thermal cups ideal for the ultimate brew this Christmas! 🎄

keepcup christmas gift

5. Rococo espresso shots

These terrific drops of dark but sweet chocolate covered coffee beans are infused with rich roasted coffee by Rococochcocolates. This bag of yumminess will make an ideal gift for chocolate and coffee addicts and a great stocking filler.

rococo espresso shots

6. Wilfa Svart Performance Coffee Brewer

If you are looking to totally surprise any big coffee lover, this gift here is right up there. Not only does it brew the best coffee (it really does), it is easy to use and would absolutely WOW the coffee lover this Christmas leaving them speechless! If you are on a quest with a bigger budget for a loved one obsessed with coffee, you now found the perfect coffee equipment - Wilfa Svart Performance Coffee Brewer

Wilfa Svart Performance Coffee Brewer

7. Hario V60 Coffee Dripper

Perfectly in good budget, the Hario V60 Coffee Drippers are handcrafted to bring the most out of the V60 brewing method. Any coffee lover will appreciate the precision and consistency when brewing their coffee each day with this and with a sale so good from £45 to £14.76 this Christmas, this may just be the ultimate 🎁present🎁.

Hario clever dripper

8. RiSE coffee and mug gift sets

Ahhh yes! If it isn't a good coffee mug a coffee lover adores. At RiSE, we offer a range of coffee and mug gift sets, so your loved ones can ‘wake up to better coffee’ in the perfect mug. Plus, we offer many other great coffee gifts worth checking out this Christmas!

rise coffee gift set

9. SAGE: The Barista Touch Coffee Machine

What is Christmas gift browsing without having a look at Harrods. With more of an expensive gift idea for Christmas, if the budget is high, Sage offers a professional-grade coffee to the home kitchen with the Barista touch Coffee Machine, blowing your coffee addict loved ones away! Tis’ the season to go bare the budget for such an outstanding coffee machine guaranteeing barista-quality performance with a touchscreen display.

SAGE: The Barista Touch Coffee Machine

10. Set of Le Creust Rainbow Set of 6 Espresso Mugs

Perfect for a joint present this Christmas, the Le Creust Rainbow Set of 6 Espresso Mugs truly are MUGnificent! Colourful, vibrant and superb for a nice, hot brew for the coffee lovers to enjoy this Christmas.

Set of Le Creust Rainbow Set of 6 Espresso Mugs

And there you have it! The most amazing gifts for a coffeeholic.

We hope these gifts bring a huge smile to your loved ones and wish you a very merry Christmas here at RiSE! 🎄

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