Here are some of the most popular coffee brewing methods you can use at home, to help you decide which is best for you… Of course, we advocate variety, but if you’re new to coffee it can be best to choose one method before branching out and trying new things.

Drip coffee maker. These coffee makers are easy to use and automatically start to brew once you hit the button. Fresh ground coffee beans always taste best, but you can also use pre-ground beans of a medium-fine consistency in a drip coffee maker. This option is easy to use and brews coffee quickly, but some people claim that they produce a more astringent, acidic flavor. Moisten your coffee filter with hot water before you brew whenever possible.

French press. Using a French press produces a full-bodied, flavorful cup of coffee and doesn’t require a paper filter. Grind coffee beans to coarse, place them into the carafe, then add hot water and stir everything for around five seconds. Add some more hot water, allow the coffee to steep for about four minutes, then stir. Wait another four minutes, and push the plunger down as you slowly pour the fresh coffee into a mug.

Espresso machine. Espresso is a strong, dark, and powerful coffee that requires skill to make. Use finely ground coffee, and always clean the portafilter and preheat your equipment before you begin. Grind just enough beans to make one serving at a time, and allow 25-30 seconds for extraction. Use one tablespoon of coffee for a single shot and two for a double shot. Make sure you press the correct button on your machine, depending on whether you want a single or double shot.

Moka pot. Your coffee should be ground as fine as possible when using a Moka pot. Fill the base chamber with cold water up to the valve level, and completely fill the filter with your ground coffee. Put the pot on a stovetop with a low flame, then remove the Moka pot as soon as the coffee begins to gurgle and bubble. Mix the coffee with a spoon, then pour it into a mug and enjoy.

Pour-over. Use medium-fine ground coffee beans when using a pour-over pot. Put the brewing vessel on top of the carafe, and moisten a paper filter with hot water. Put the coffee in the filter, and pour hot water over it in a slow, circular motion. Let it sit for 40-45 seconds, then pour the rest of your hot water slowly over the coffee grounds.

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