We've been voted #1 coffee subscription in the uk (and we didn't bribe them)

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We are incredibly proud to have been named the #1 coffee subscription in the UK by a number of leading publications including The Independent, ELLE magazine, Good Housekeeping, GQ and Women’s Health! Read all about how they test and vote as well as all their views on what makes RiSE coffee box the best subscription around!

Good Housekeeping

The Good Housekeeping Institute has conducted its biggest ever coffee subscription taste test, to see which delivery service provides the best all-round caffeine fix. 

How Good Housekeeping tests coffee subscriptions:

“We recruited 10 households from across the UK to receive a selection of coffee subscriptions, with 21 tested in total. They were asked to assess each based on the quality and flavour of the coffee received, as well as the overall delivery experience and value for money. They tried an assortment of bean format types — including whole bean, espresso, cafetière or Nespresso-compatible pods.”

What they said about us:

“You won’t miss this jazzy box landing on your doorstep, which includes heaps of fun extras, such as snacks and soft drinks, with a handwritten note for that personalised touch. Our testers loved learning more about the origin of this month’s coffee, and appreciated the recipe card explaining how to brew the perfect cup, based on your grind type. 

Everyone agreed this box offers good value for money, with an exciting variety of flavours and origins — so you should discover new favourites along the way. A very thoughtful box for yourself or for loved ones”

A score of 87/100! (Number 1!)

RISE coffee voted number one by good housekeeping

ELLE magazine 

How ELLE Magazine tests coffee subscriptions:

“In total, 10 households based across the UK each received a selection of coffee subscriptions, with 21 tested in total. We asked them which they thought was best, based on the quality and flavour of the coffee received, the overall delivery experience and value for money”

What they said about us:

“RISE delivers so much more than just coffee. Inside you’ll also find a selection of fun snacks (hello, Tony’s Chocolonely!), and drinks (our testers received kombucha), to make WFH life more palatable. The box itself is plastic-free, although some of the treats inside weren’t. 

In terms of actual coffee, you’ll receive two bags (which is about 30 cups). Testers liked the variation of the beans they received, allowing them to explore new flavours and origins they might not originally gravitate towards. With top tips on brewing, as well as recipe cards, they all felt like they learned a little something along the way too”

RISE voted number 1 by ELLE magazine

The Independent

How The Independent tests coffee subscriptions:

“We know how important the quality of the beans are when it comes to making a good cup of coffee, but we also tested the overall experience. So we looked at how good the coffee tasted, the different subscription options and the delivery experience. We also paid close attention to how sustainable the brands are and whether the packaging can be recycled.”

Voted Number 1 under:
Best: For pre-payment

Rating: 9/10
What they said about us:

Rise’s coffee box offers various subscription options, but we really rate the annual offer. Each month you’ll receive a carefully curated edit from some of the UK’s independent coffee roasters. Your box will include two 227-250g bags, which works out to around 30 cups of coffee per bag. You’ll also get some tasty treats, monthly recipe cards, and an invite to virtual “meet the roaster” events. You can get your coffee in as whole bean or ready ground, and there’s a decaf option too.

We love that Rise choose its partners based on sustainable practices, such as limited plastic packaging, fair wages for farmers, and its stance on climate-friendly production practices. Rise offers a one-off trial box if you’re not sure whether you’re ready for the commitment. Unfortunately, the Rise coffee box won’t fit through the letterbox but it’s delivered by Royal Mail, and you’ll get a notification when it is on its was”

The Independent voted RISE coffee best for pre payment

Women’s Health

How Women’s Health tests coffee subscriptions”

“Our panel of 10 households tested a range of 21 coffee subscriptions for all machine types, from whole beans to ground and coffee bags to compostable pods. They assessed each based on the quality and flavour of the coffee, as well as value for money and the overall delivery experience.”

What they said about us:

“If there’s one thing that’s going to brighten up Monday morning, it’s this landing on your doorstep. RISE aims to showcase roasters from regions across the globe, making it a great way to discover your new favourite drip. 

Our testers loved all the little touches RISE offered; from complementary snacks to a handy brew guide to ensure you get the best out of the beans. Of all the subscriptions sampled, the quality of the coffee, thoughtful packaging and added extras made RISE the most gift-worthy, though it’s just as tempting to give one to yourself… that counts as self care, didn’t you know?”

RISE voted number one coffee subscription by the independent

Evening Standard

What they said about us:

“Rise is the UK’s number one voted coffee subscription box, so you know it’s doing something right. If its vibrant packaging doesn’t wake you up in the morning, its strong coffee definitely will do.

Taking “rise and shine” to a new level, the brand’s coffee subscription is made up of blind-tasted samples from hundreds of independent UK roasters of all strengths and tastes, which are then refined and split into unique boxes of whole bean coffee or ground coffee depending on your preferences.

Inside each eco-friendly, sustainable box, you’ll find 2 x 250g of premium specialty coffees as well as recipe cards and snacks from Rise’s partners. Choose between fortnightly, monthly or bi-monthly deliveries, depending on the strength of your coffee habit”

RISE coffee voted number one subscription by evening standard

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