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Best Coffee in Birmingham – Rise Coffee

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100+ reviews on TrustPilot (4.9/5) SHOP NOW

The best coffee in Birmingham (expertly researched and picked)

Alice and Ben founded RISE coffee box in 2020 as they knew there was better coffee to be enjoyed than what you find in the high street or on supermarket shelves. RISE set out to tour the UK to find the best coffee roasters they could find. 
What do we look for when we choose the best coffee to go inside The RISE coffee box? First and foremost, every coffee roster we work with has to fill out a RISE sustainability and sourcing questionnaire which is reviewed directly by Alice and Ben, we then look out for these factors. 

Here is how we choose the best coffee for RISE coffee box:

Factor What we look for
Coffee bean quality We have a 4 step process of determining the quality of the coffee bean. We blind taste test all coffee in a cupping session alongside a variety of samples.  We have a head roaster gives their approval  We have a taste test panel of customers who try the coffee before it makes the box Alice and Ben select the coffee that has the highest quality. 
Responsibly Sourced coffee Each coffee roaster fills out a RISE questionnaire so we can understand how they source their coffee and whether the farmers are getting a fair price. We look at which importers they are using or whether they are sourcing via direct trade. 
Reputation How well respected is the roaster and how well known are they in the coffee scene? Reputation matters and we work with partners that have credible reputations in the coffee world. We look at what awards they have won (including Great Taste) and what reviews they have from past customers. Recent partners include Dear Green coffee, North Star coffee, and Danelaw. See all our partners here
Sustainability practices We look at what sustainability practises the coffee roaster has in place. This includes their packaging choices, how they handle waste, and whether they are B-Corp. We look for what accreditations they have including being Organic Certified, Fair Trade or Rainforest Association
Uniqueness  At RISE coffee box we are all about variety, discovery and uniqueness. We look for roasters that have a variety of coffee to offer from wonderful and different places. 

Does Birmingham have good coffee?

Yes! Birmingham has a buzzing café scene with a number of fantastic coffee roasters. We have recently featured roasters from Birmingham (including Quarter Horse Coffee) and thought it was time to write about the best coffee in Birmingham! 
Birmingham is also home to one of the largest coffee festivals in the UK, which takes place inside The New Bingley Hall from the 5-7th July!
There are dozens of other reasons to visit Birmingham, other than just for the coffee, including the iconic Bullring and Peaky Blinders museum. Britain’s second largest city, Birmingham is an industrial hub of the midlands region with a creative, vibrant heart, full of character. BUT, considering you have landed here, we are sure you are looking for the best coffee in Birmingham to explore and enjoy. 

At Rise we love a trip up to Birmingham. We last visited in 2022 when we featured Quarter Horse Coffee in the RISE coffee box
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All that being said, if you’re reading this, you probably want us to get onto everything coffee and read all about where you can find the best coffee in Birmingham! Below is our top 10 guide to the best coffee shops in Birmingham, some of which have featured in our RiSE COFFEE BOX or we've visited in person. If you're looking for recommendations for further afield, head over to our blog to read all about coffee roasters across the UK here

1. Quarter Horse Coffee

What makes Quarter Horse Coffee one of the best coffee roasters in Birmingham? For us here at RISE, we love everything about Quarter Horse. They have been roasting coffee in the Midlands since 2012 and were founded by Nathan & Ameeta. They became the first independent coffee roastery in the city when they moved to Birmingham permanently.
They have an excellent selection of coffee from a variety of regions including Guatemala, India, Kenya and Brazil. The coffee that featured in the RISE coffee box was: 
Coffee: Gildardo Lopez, Colombia
This coffee comes from a town close to the Andes mountains and Gildardo is a relatively new coffee farmer, who likes to pay attention to the small details.
Tasting notes: Orange, floral & apple

Quarter Horse Coffee has ethically sourced and roasted the highest quality of beans from around the world and, in 2023, opened a dedicated new site for production and training with a focus on sustainability.
Their packaging is 100% plastic free and the inner sleeves are home compostable. 
Their roasting machines are electric powered and they have now installed solar panels too. They also prioritise long-lasting & ethical relationships with producers at origin and source all their coffee via direct trade. 

2. Yorks Cafe and Coffee Roastery

Another Birmingham institution in the specialty coffee scene, Yorks cafe and coffee roastery. They have a really incredible range of unique coffees to choose from.  Our favourite Yorks cafe and coffee (as of April 2024) is their Honey Anaerobica from Indonesia which we ordered online and enjoyed at home.  Region: Kenrinci Sumatra Farm: Koerintji Barokah Bersama Altitude: 1,400 to 1700 Meters  Varietal: Andung Sari // Sigarar Utang Process: Honey Anaerobic Profile: Wine Gum + Fruity + Sweet
Emerging onto the Birmingham coffee scene at a similar time to Quarter Horse in 2012, Yorks Cafe is "built on a foundation of passionate people, defining itself in Birmingham as a new-generation coffee shop, all-day café and social space". Recognised as one of the top brunch destinations in the country by both the Sunday Times and the Observer, they're continuing to push boundaries. They began roasting their our own speciality coffee in-house at Stephenson Street in 2016.

3. Java Roastery

Java Roastery is one of the best online coffee roasters in Birmingham; their online store has a wide variety of coffee blends and coffee subscriptions from single origins to house blends. All of their coffee is incredibly high quality and responsibly sourced from one farm or region. They opened there first store in Moseley Village, in one of the coolest areas in Birmingham. 
Java Roastery is located across 4 destinations around the city:
📍115 -117 Alcester Rd, Birmingham B13 8DD
📍142 Newhall St, Birmingham B3 1SF
📍Blythe Valley Business Park, Solihull B90 8AF
📍124 Colmore Row, Birmingham B3 3SD
All locations are beautifully designed coffeehouses to "create immersive experiences; places where you can reflect, read, be creative, be productive, meet, relax and socialise, as you journey through life" - Java roastery have called it Coffee 3.0. They are on a mission to inspire and revolutionise how we enjoy a cup of coffee, while having fun. One quote we took from their website which we loved was:
"Be curious, read voraciously, discover the world, explore your mind, express yourself, everyone is creative, come up with that next big idea, create that groundbreaking innovation, just don’t give up, be kind to yourself, take time out, relax, reach out, shine your light, express your friendship, be happy, everyone is special. Have a coffee to stimulate your mind, body and senses; realise what’s important in life, and what's possible :-)" Their coffee is generally medium to medium dark roasted, perhaps slightly darker then we usually drink but we did particularly enjoy their Rilo Blend from which is mixture of coffee beans from South America, Asia and  Africa. As an espresso this worked well with its full body and nutty after taste. 

4. New Era Coffee Roasters

New Era coffee was founded by two Brothers Ben and James who are both born in Birmingham. They both had years of experience within the coffee industry before setting up their own roastery. They are focusing on Simplicity, Sustainability and Locality. They are focusing on small batch, hand roasted to order with full traceability. A big tick from RISE! 
We would recommend their fully washed Nyeri Hill AA from Kenya! 
Where to find New Ear Coffee Roasters:
📍 Roastery HQ, 12a Arden Oak Road, Sheldon, Birmingham, B26 3LX

Frequently asked questions about coffee in Birmingham:

We will answer any questions you have on coffee in Birmingham. 

What is the Best Coffee in Birmingham? 

Quarter Horse Coffee Roasters is the best coffee in Birmingham, in our opinion. They have been long established in the city, provide some of the highest quality coffee, and have a stunning cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee in. Find them inside another RISE coffee box soon.

Are Coffee Roasters in Birmingham Sustainable and Ethical?

The majority of specialty coffee roasters we came across in our travels and research in Birmingham are committed to delivering sustainable coffee through sourcing beans ethically via fair trade or direct trade, and ensuring environmentally friendly roasting processes such as Quarter Horses electric and solar roasting process. All coffee that features in the RISE coffee box subscription goes through vigorous testing to ensure they follow ethical practices. 

Where Can I Buy Coffee Beans in Birmingham?

You can buy coffee beans from a variety of coffee roasters and cafes in Birmingham, but the best ones are from Quarter Horse Coffee, York’s Cafe and Coffee Roasters, and the Java Roastery. There are also other cafes such as 200 Degrees and Saints which offer great coffee options. 

How Do I Choose the Best Coffee Roaster in Birmingham?

Choosing the right coffee beans to buy online involves thinking about things like the bean quality, how the coffee has been roasted, whether the roaster is sustainable We would recommend looking at reviews from customers too. At RISE, you can order coffee beans in the comfort of your own home, knowing they will be premium quality, sustainably sourced and delicious because they have gone through the RISE taste testing - taking the hassle away from you having to source your own with the risk it may not be good quality. 

How Much Does a Bag of Coffee Cost in Birmingham? 

Price of coffee can vary considerably when it comes to buying coffee from Birmingham coffee roasters. Buying a bag of coffee online can prices, a bag of coffee can costs between £7 to £15 for a 250g bag. But you should remember that the cost of a pack of coffee in Birmingham, like in any city, can vary greatly depending on a number of factors inlcuding quality, origin etc. At RISE our 4 bag box is £38 making it exceptional value. 

Can I Buy Coffee Beans Directly from Coffee Roasters in Birmingham?

All coffee roasters in Birmingham offer coffee beans online to buy. Many are delivered via letterbox friendly boxes or you can discover new coffee from Birmingham and other cities inside your RISE coffee box. 


At RISE coffee box subscription we travel the UK to find the best cup of coffee and I hope you enjoyed our guide on the best coffee roasters in Birmingham UK. 

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