Pharmacie coffee

The Roasters:

Having lived in Portland, Oregon, Pharmacie director Rick brought the idea of a 'Third Wave' coffee house to Brighton & Hove in 2009. Six years later Pharmacie Coffee Roasters was born; a fiercely independent, ethical supplier of finely roasted coffee and equipment, with emphasis on customer service.

Coffee name: 

San Sebastian Filter

The coffee: 

This coffee hails from Inzá municipality within Cauca's Tierradentro region, primarily inhabited by the indigenous Paeces tribe. Smallholder farmers, with 0.5 to 1.5-hectare farms, grow coffee at 1700 m.a.s.l, mainly cultivating Castillo and Caturra varieties. Our importer collaborates with Occicafe and Globalcafe, fostering direct relationships with these farmers for quality control. The importer, a family business with 80+ years of experience, expanded in 2015 to produce and export specialty coffee globally. They specialize in innovative fermentation processes at their farm and La Pradera processing center, unveiling unique profiles in Colombian coffee. Additionally, they support numerous Colombian specialty coffee growers, like the Inza smallholders, to promote direct relationships between origin farmers and worldwide roasters.




1200-1700 Masl



Tasting notes:

Juicy tangerine, plum and winegums with a creamy caramel and cashew aftertaste

Why we like it: 

A juicy fresh filter that's worth experimenting with at home, an Aeropress, Chemex or V60 will do it justice!