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The Roaster

Our good friend Dom launched Murmuration Coffee earlier this year with the ethos of celebrating unity and friendship in the natural world. Dom is passionate about sharing the hard work the farmers put into each and every coffee, and uses his expertise to draw out the natural sweetness of the coffee. We're pumped to feature his epic Gesha coffee in the box! Look out for content on our socials and website all about Murmuration and this excellent coffee. 

Coffee Name

Gelana Gesha

The Coffee

Back in 2022 We featured Dom's expertly roasted Ethiopian Gelana Gesha. Gesha (or "Geisha") coffee is widely regarded as some of the best coffee in the world and we are thrilled to feature this beauty in our box! Farm owner Israel owns a number of farms, mills and washing stations in Ethiopia and reinvests a percentage of revenue back into small holding coffee farmers. This coffee is produced on Israel's private Gelana farm, Yirgacheffe region. The farm is very labour intensive with 500 raised beds, 48 permanent staff and around 500 members of temporary staff during harvest. The farm is fairly high tech - and acts as a starting point for many of Israel’s new variety experiments. For more info on Gesha coffees and why they're so exceptional - head to our blog!  








Tasting notes: 

Bubblegum, Strawberry and Tropical fruits


Why we like it

Roaster Dom is a brilliant guy and exceptional roaster, with a passion for showcasing the best of the natural world. We love his Gelana Gesha and his Social Espresso below - a great all rounder and a house favourite! 

Murmuration | Brazil & Colombia

Murmuration | Brazil & Colombia

Murmuration | Brazil & Colombia

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Coffee name: Social Espresso

Notes of: Chocolate, Toffee, Raspberry & Orange

Origin: Colombia 30%, Brazil 70%

Process: Washed

Roast Level: Medium - Dark

The coffee: This coffee works beautifully as an espresso or filter and should be enjoyed black or with milk as is your personal preference.

This seasonal house espresso is currently formed of two beautiful coffees - 70% women’s producer Brazil Café Dellas (translates to ‘Her Coffee’) and 30% Passiflora, Colombia.


Café Delas was created to help women farmers access resources, knowledge and voice they need to grow their operations to the fullest potential. Purchasing the coffee includes a dedicated social premium to fund initiatives that promote gender equality and empower women in the field. 

Project member Telma Machado comments - “Being part of Café Delas for me is very important because the project valued my coffee and valued my life. We feel more recognised. This project is valuing the women’s work, women are conquering a lot lately, so it is another achievement for women rural producers.”


The collective is based in Planadas, the largest town in the south of the Tolima region, but is isolated and lacking in infrastructure - a cause and result of the narcotics conflicts that have come to define the region. 35 farming families have banded together to change that and build on a culture of coffee growing curiosity, and to repurpose their incredibly rich ecological heritage.

Coffee available in: Whole bean, Ground Medium (AeroPress / V60 / Chemex), Fine (espresso / moka pot), Ground Coarse (French Press / cafetière)

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