Grindsmith Coffee

The Roasters

Grindsmith Coffee roasters are proudly #borninmanchester and the heart of the business is the Grindsmith Roastery based in the business district of Ancoats. They source their coffee directly in collaboration with the coffee farms and are proud of this. They have two cafes and use these as the perfect way to test out their new coffees with customers and gather feedback. We love their slick branding and were super keen to work with this Manchester power house!

Coffee name

Ayarza, Santa Rosa

The Coffee

This washed filter coffee was processed at the Covoya cherry mill in Ayarza, Santa Rosa. The coffee is a classic example of a Guatemalan coffee, with sharp cranberry followed by juicy citrus notes and a creamy finish. The Ayarza cherry mill works with many farmers in the area to source a consistent red cherry. One of the farmers, Francisco has been working in coffee production since he was a teenager and works tirelessly to nurture and grow his farm to provide for his family.







Tasting Notes

Cranberry, Lemon, Orange

Why we like it

Ayarza is a classic example of a Guatemalan coffee. The sharpness of cranberry, followed by the juicy citrus noted with a creamy finish.