An interview with… Pelicano coffee roasters

Pelicano coffee co, based in Brighton. We had their amazingly versatile and tasty Smokey Bird blend in our box in June, we hope those of you that tried it loved it as much as we do. 

Pelicano coffee roasters

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RiSE: Hey Pelicano! So you’ve been in business since 2014, that’s a long time! What made you first decide to get into coffee?

It's all for the community around specialty coffee! We love coffee but we also love the people that contribute to make the scene so creative and interesting!

RISE: We love your brand and overall aesthetic, how did that come to life and where did you take inspiration from?

Our in house illustrator and owner Sol has to take all of the credit for branding and design. The inspiration comes partially from her South Korean heritage blended with the Brighton tattooing scene. It’s morphed together to create a really unique and inspired style - our customers are always excited to see the new illustrations when we have new coffees to release!

RISE: We’ve gone for your Smokey Bird Espresso Blend in this month’s box because it’s the OG (as you describe it), it’s versatile and we love chocolate notes, what makes it so good in your eyes?

We love Smokey Bird for its versatility but also complexity. It works so well when brewed with all brew methods from espresso, all filter methods and even cold brew! The Colombian element brings the dark chocolate notes, the Guatemala the toffee and creamy mouthfeel and the Ethiopia the strawberry and cherry.

RISE: What are your plans for the rest of the year?

The plan is to be showcasing more beautiful coffees! We’ll have some more very exciting lots arriving very soon so watch this space!

RISE: What would be your one piece of advice to fellow coffee lovers, when it comes to brewing or enjoying coffee at home?

Personally I believe the biggest improvement you can make to your home brewing is using filtered water. You’ll get much cleaner cups with more clarity and it will draw out more delicious and complex notes from the cup!

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