How to brew coffee at home like a barista

Cafés are starting to reopen after a horrible 2020, and we’d always encourage you to treat yourself to the odd £3 flat white, but with a RiSE coffee box and the know how, we can show you how to save £££ and make great coffee at home!

Read our how to guide below!

1. Start trying speciality coffee

Ditch your instant or boring pack of supermarket coffee. You can’t have café-quality coffee without beans that have been made with love and care! RiSE coffee box has you covered, we source great roasters from around the UK and have regular ‘cupping sessions’ with our head roaster to pick the best of the bunch! Speciality beans always score 82+ out of a score of 100, are freshly roasted and come with interesting and exciting flavour profiles for every palate.

We talk in depth with all of our roasters to ensure they are (as much as possible) organic and sustainable as well as having Rainforest Alliance, or Fairtrade certifications. We get into the detail with each roaster to understand their process, how they roast and package their coffee and were they source their beans from.

Our coffee is bought for premium prices, so you’re getting the very best stuff.

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2. Get the right gear

A workman is only as good as his/her tools, right? If you’re looking for that real barista or café experience of a frothy flat white, consider investing in an espresso machine. They can be costly, but really are worth it! Your place will quickly become the go to coffee or brunch spot with friends!

If you’re a filter fanatic, then you don’t need anything fancy. From V60 to cafetiere, we’ve got everything you need here.

3. Tekkers!

Here’s the secret. Yes, you need good coffee in the first place. And of course, the tools are a necessity. But so, so much comes down to your brewing technique.

Our brew guide is a good starting point to look up the different basic brew methods, and depending on how you like your coffee a different style will suit you better. But if you want to get really serious you could use scales, a timer, and thermometer to pinpoint your extraction method. You’re playing with the coffee-to-water ratios, temperatures, extraction times - there’s no right or wrong answers, just try different combos until you hit on the perfect result for you.

4. All in the detail

The Barista Life isn’t just about the coffee.

It’s an experience. Put your phone on aeroplane mode, ignore those likes, tweets and emails, turn off Netflix and let yourself take a moment to be still.

Then break out your nicest crockery, your finest china or your ‘RiSE’ mug and enjoy the coffee you have let brew in your French press for the last 4 minutes. This time is yours.

coffee and treats!

5. Combine with a tasty treat from RiSE

We are not talking about a boring plain digestive biscuit. Let’s make our coffee experiences a lot more fun, enjoyable and mesmerising. Our coffee moments can make our day. Each RiSE box contains unexpected gifts and we have partnered with the likes of Moma Oat Milk, Mr. Black Spirits, Dalston’s Soda and many more!

Happy brewing!

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