Best coffee events 2023

Last year RiSE coffee box featured at two coffee festivals and we had an incredible time. We met so many coffee lovers, we drank some incredible specialty coffee, we learnt a lot about home brewing from industry professionals and we welcomed a whole load of new members. We decided to put together a little guide for some of the best coffee events around the UK in 2023 that you should 100% attend!

We have put together six of the best events (in our opinion) for you to go to and enjoy.


London Coffee Festival

Easily the largest coffee event in the UK, with over 30,000 attendees expected this year! The line up includes some of the biggest names in coffee such as RiSE coffee box, Sage, Origin and more! This festival has it all. Coffee, tastings, demonstrations, world-class barista workshops as well as live music, DJ’s and coffee related cocktails!

When is it?: 20th - 23rd April 2023

How much is it? £18

Where is it?: The Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London, E1 6QR

Who’s there? The question should be who’s not there? Everyone and everyone is at this coffee event. Of course, RiSE coffee box will be attending the event this year! Look out for the big pink and yellow banners on the first floor! Some of our partners including Climpsons and Sons, Press coffee and co, Missing Bean Bailies as well as some of our treat partners like and Moma and Good and Proper Tea!

Why do we love it? The London Coffee festival is one of the best events in the city. Three floors of some of the most exciting food and drink brands across the UK! It’s a little busy, but incredibly fun!

Anything else? Alice, our founder will be hosting a panel discussing at lunch on the Sunday 23rd! Swing by at the event and hear Alice talk with three other guests about whats changing in the at home coffee scene.

London Coffee Festival is also hosting the coffee masters which will see 16 contenders fight for the latte art title! If you want to improve your at home brewing tips then you will learn a lot here.

RISE coffee and London Coffee festival

Notts Coffee Festival

On a slightly smaller scale, the Notts coffee festival opened its doors in 2022 to host 500 guests at St Marys Church, Nottingham. We were lucky enough to be invited to attend at the inaugural year and what a delight it was! One of our favourite events of 2022! Great people, great coffee in a fun, intimate venue! We met some fantastic roasters at the event who have gone on to feature in our RiSE coffee boxes such as Stewarts. You can read more about the 2022 event here in our blog

When is it? 21st October 2023

How much is it? £11.99 (early bird)

Where is it?: St Marys Church, High Pavement, Nottingham, NG1 1HN


Who’s there? With Minor Figures and 200 Degrees confirmed, expect to see roasters including Stewarts, Outpost, Bear, Cartwheel and more!

Why do we love it? We love this coffee festival. If you are in Nottingham that day we highly recommend you pop in. With early bird tickets available for £11.99 for half the day its totally worth it. Great coffee, delicious local bakeries and a fun vibrant vibe!

We love this video, and see if you can catch a glimpse of Ben & Alice from RiSE coffee box

Manchester Coffee Festival

AKA Cup North, The Manchester Coffee festival started in 2014 by Hannah and Ricardo. Manchester coffee festival was so successful they have now also launched Birmingham coffee festival (below). This festival rivals London for the top spot with a host of incredible roasters and party atmosphere!

When is it? 18th - 19th November

How much is it? TBC

Where is it? Bowlers Exhibition Centre

Who’s there? Expect to see some of the biggest names in coffee attending. Official line up not yet released.

Why do we love it? Perfect balance between coffee and fun. Not too busy, but busy enough to have a great time!


Birmingham Coffee Festival

AKA Cup North, The Birmingham Coffee festival started in 2017 by Hannah and Ricardo (as above!) - the two legendary founders of the now Manchester coffee festival, which started as Cup North in Greater Manchester. After an incredible success of Manchester, the duo have ventured south to bring specialty coffee to Birmingham.

The event includes a talks program highlighting coffee people from all corners of the industry; a community brew bar featuring delicious coffee roasted locally; an interactive space for you to brush up on your home-brewing skills; competitions, food, drinks and much more!

When is it? 8th - 9th July 2023

How much is it? TBC

Where is it? The Custard Factory - directions here


Who’s there? Some of our old pals Quarter Horse coffee and UE coffee roasters who featured in 2022 will be there as well as some of our latest faves who will be coming up in a RiSE coffee box such as Conscious with Coffee! Some other favourites include 200 degrees and Outpost.

Why we love it: The fact you can take your dog… is a winner for us!

More importantly (maybe) are their values; which include: Accessibility, Value, Engagement, Environment, Fun.

Kent Coffee Festival

Another event that RiSE coffee box featured at in 2022. On 19th & 20th November 2022, Co-Founders Alice and Ben spent the weekend on the RiSE stand at the Kent Coffee Festival. Organiser Luke from Garage Coffee Roasters did a great job hosting the second coffee festival in Kent and brought together a brilliant community of coffee lovers, roasters, home baristas, local cafe owners and industry professionals at the one and only Dreamland in sunny Margate! 

When is it? 19th & 20th November

How much is it? TBC

Where is it? Dreamland, Margate


Who’s there? Line up TBC, but last years line up at The Kent Coffee Festival included Climpson & Sons, Redemption Roasters, Pelicano and Curve. We also made some new friends, with brands such as Wild Oats (Oat milk), Four Rivers (Roaster), Corban Coffee (Roaster), and First crop (Importers).

Why we love it: The venue was AWESOME!


Glasgow Coffee Festival

Described as Scotlands biggest caffeine-filled party this event has it all. Great coffee roasters, talks, tasting sessions and a whole host of fun giveaways and competitions.

When is it? 13th - 14th May 2023

How much is it? £14

Where is it? The Briggait

Who’s there? Some of the top coffee roasters there this year include: Dear Green, Machina, Mission Coffee Works, and The Good Coffee Cartel. You will also find the likes of La Marzocco and KeepCup too.

Why do we love it: They have a coffee tasting room and a coffee talks room for you to immerse yourself in trying new coffees from various roasters and origins discovering some of Scotlands hottest coffee roasters. Profits are also used to support humanitarian crises and in 2022 £8,000 was raised to support Ukraine. The event is also single use plastic free.


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