Deluxe Coffee Works, Acton

We spoke with the legend that is Sidney from Deluxe after partnering with them for our July box

RiSE: Hey team! Thanks for featuring in our box in July. We loved your Guatemalan coffee. Talk to us about how you started and what your future plans are?

We started as one of the first coffee roasters in South Africa back in 2009. Judd (co-founder) was the coffee knowledge behind the company and taught me (Sid) everything about coffee from a young age. He used to work at the famous kiwi coffee empire that is Havana Coffeeworks. He moved over to Cape Town, met Carl (co-founder), saw a gap in the market for great coffee, set up a coffee roaster in their backyard, and the rest is history!

Our future plan is to continue on the track we’re on. The London roastery is our third roastery after Cape Town and Windhoek (Namibia). The fourth and fifth roastery’s are not far away…and who knows where they may be in the world!

RiSE: We know you have a strong connection with South Africa - which we love. How does that translate to your business day-to-day?

Myself and John both grew up in Cape Town where they have a very specific way of doing things which definitely translates into our day to day. We definitely take our coffee seriously, but we also definitely don’t take ourselves too seriously which I think has a massive impact on how our business is run.  

RiSE: When did you first fall in love with coffee?

I actually started working at a Deluxe espresso bar when I was just 11 years old and have been working alongside them ever since. I would go and work behind the bar on weekends and after school. Ever since then coffee has just been a massive part of my life

RiSE: What’s your favourite coffee you roast and why?

My favorite coffee is definitely the House Blend. Not just because it’s our greatest showman but because of what it stands for. The concept is to get great tasting, affordable and consistent coffee out to loads of people, and the House Blend is just a crowd pleaser that does exactly that. You often get coffee which has an acquired taste, which I’m all for, but it can sometimes be a bit exclusive which is the last thing we want to do. 

RiSE: Finally, how can our customers find you and your coffee?

Check us out online at to order or to find one of our wholesale customers near you. We also have a coffee shop opening shortly in the next month or so in Shepherds Bush.

Or… take a trip to CAPE TOWN!!!!!

An interview with… Deluxe Coffee Works — RiSE Coffee Box

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